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    Which hcg drops are the best – Rx or Homeopathic?


    Alyssa Vicens

    I tried prescription hcg drops called Nuimage medical as they offer quality weight loss. Homeopathic has amino acids and literally not much amount of hcg. But then preference matters. If you want to go the natural way, might go with homeopathic hcg.


    Rachel Landon

    There are no more homeopathic hcg drops. It was all a gimmick. FDA banned it a long time ago. I suggest you stick on to Nuimage medical. There are others like Triumph HCG from hcg diet and official hcg diet drops. But if you are looking for a non hormonal option, then try HCG complex. Its quite a hot product and it sells. People say a lot of good things about this. Its from Biousource labs and has NO HCG though they have hcg complex in its name. Wonder why



    Looking for best hcg drops? I recommend Rx HCG drops. Go with Nuimage which I heard is the best hcg drops of 2017. Nuimage medical offers hcg shots and drops and pills too.

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