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HCG Diet Drops User Experience Of Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke is a good photographer by profession, who lost around 21 lbs in 4 weeks only with the use of this single HCG diet plan. Mentioned below is an excerpt of Kristen’s effective weight loss strategy

How and why Kristen decided to go on the HCG Plan?

According to Kristen, losing weight had become a difficult process after having 4 children. She did everything starting from diets, exercise to running a marathon race. Even for some years she continued with the generic slim fast shakes after having her third baby. But nothing could provide her the needed, effective change. Sometimes, she used to feel awkward in the parties, where she couldn’t eat her favorite meals of bacon cheeseburger. It was quite difficult for her, dealing with the extra blubber on areas like the bum, tummy, hips and thighs. Finally, Kristen decided to end this struggle. She came across the HCG diet on the facebook page, while looking for motivation through other people’s weight loss success stories. But, initially Kristen was confused a bit – thinking HCG could deal with the weight loss goals.

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In certain cases, it is used to correct the female infertility and low sperm count. At this point, she went through many research and came with a bundle of answers to all her queries (from a friend Ellie, who herself had completed this HCG diet plan for a period of one year).

Next day, Kristen ordered her first batch of the Homeopathic HCG drops. On her first round of HCG she lost 7 pounds in 1 week. However, people started noticing her and was getting a huge applause from them. Besides, when people used to ask her secret behind this change. She never revealed the secret (not with her husband also). Kristen used to say that “I take a diet involving no sugar, no carb and low calorie content…”

What did Kristen eat while being on this HCG weight loss diet?

For Kristen, HCG served as hunger suppressant. She used to regularly take the 3X Homeopathic drops under her tongue, along with a strict diet menu…

The entire routine has been shred into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – For the first 2 days (while having the drops), she consumed a lot of fatty foods, as much as she can.
  • Phase 2 – Slowly things were getting a slight difference. However for the next 21 days, she went according to the HCG diet drops protocol. Kristen, used to eat 500 calories a day with no sugar, starch or carb content.
    She used to have specific kinds of meats, fruits and vegetable in her diet. Along with lean steak, chicken, tuna, shrimp, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, blueberries, strawberries and apples.
  • Phase 3 – After a strict diet of 21 days. Kristen headed towards the goal of 1500 calories in her diet. Meanwhile, she was looking something interesting to add in her diet plan and the one she found was the cauliflower crust pizza…

Finally, how was Kristen able to overcome the negative body image

Here’s the weight loss results obtained by Kristen Duke, in not more than 21 days

Overall, she lost 17 pounds in 21 days (with the 3 week maintenance chart)

  • 3 inches off from the waist
  • 4 inches from the hips
  • 2 inches from the arms
  • 2.5 inches on each thigh

She strictly sticked herself to the HCG diet plan and didn’t do any kind of cheating like – not having plenty of water or taking excess of salt or simply having few ounces of protein.

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For Kristen, what helped her was receiving a lot of support from her friend Ellie. Besides, Kristen’s self control power is worth praising, who never had any fat gaining products during her diet protocol. Instead, she used to find treat in other things like raspberries and avocado’s…

More facts about Kristen

  • Her facebook friend (Ellie) gave her immense support to help her lose weight. Ellie herself had done 4 rounds of HCG in the past two years. The motivation factor is sustained when you are working out with your friend.
  • Ellie helped her to portion her daily allotment of meals especially meat. For instance, 3 oz. of meat twice a day. All Kristen had to do was put them in the freezer bags so that she can just grab and reheat it.
  • Willpower. The maintenance phase is crucial as one tends to gorge more to compensate for the favorite foods that were ignored during the HCG diet. Kristen heightened her willpower for the 3 weeks of maintenance phase with her no sugar/starch motto.

Here’s a link to Kristen’s actual profile

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