Terri David began her weight loss journey at 189.5. She says, on the very first day of her diet she lost around 4 pounds.

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Terri David is a wonderful lady, who is a certified wellness coach specializing in the areas of preventive health and weight management. Besides, Terri also offers personalized, motivational consultations for individuals who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. Even she has undergone the diet program and was successfully able to lose 17.5 pounds in 22 days. Mentioned below, is a beautiful excerpt from her weight loss success story

How and why Terri decided to go for this HCG diet program?

According to Terri, before taking this weight loss program she was overweight and always used to remain unhappy thinking about her health. Equally, she often used to wear a jacket while going outside, due to great embarrassment. Then, luckily she met with her sister in law who lost 35 pounds and her cousin who lost around 20 pounds in 45 days. When asked about the magical secret to Jenny Craig (sister-in-law), Terri came to know about the miraculous HCG diet program. Initially, Terri got a bit upset, thinking that the program is not meant for me. Often questions like “how do I continue the HCG program with my children used to come in her mind…”
But, later she got a real inspiration from her friend Terence (who gifted her a supportive bottle of HCG) and her cousin who is a nurse by profession. The next day, Terri ordered for the Homeopathic HCG drops by Abundance Bioenergetics and decided to try them in the Christmas vacations.

Terri’s weight loss success story – Day 1

Terri David began her weight loss journey at 189.5. She says, on the very first day of her diet she lost around 4 pounds. Equally, during this course, she didn’t suffer from any side effects like – lethargy, headache or any shaky feeling. But, instead, she used to remain active with high energy levels.

Terri’s weight loss success story – week one

At the end of a week, she used to lose 1 pound every day. Also, Terri was able to find a great improvement in her blood pressure levels – on the fifth day, it was 123 over 72. But, sometimes sticking to the strict schedule would make her a bit hungry and she used to cheat her diet. Not that much… but to some extent. Terri used to have extra calories with bread and chicken breast.

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Terri’s weight loss success story – Day nine

After a week of the strict schedule, Terri was able to make some significant changes in her body. But, the following day, she went out for some party and had to put some extra meals in her schedule.

Terri’s weight loss success story – Day Twelve

After 12 days, she lost about 12.5 pounds – resulting in 177 pounds. This was another surprising journey for her because she never thought that HCG would help her to a wider extent.

Terri’s weight loss success story – Day Fourteen

At this point, Terri began eating some Melba toast for gaining some effective results.

Terri’s weight loss success story – Day Fifteen

Here Terri got a bit confused – Thinking whether to continue with the HCG diet for 22 days or should carry the program to a 45 day’s schedule.

Terri’s weight loss success story – Day Twenty two

After 22 days of HCG diet program, she lost around 17.5 pounds. Amazing!!! In addition, she lost about 4 inches from the waist and now even her face used to look thinner than before.

Terri’s weight loss success story – A couple of months later

All in all, Terri lost 45 pounds of fat with the simple magical secret of the HCG drops. Equally, it helped her lower the blood pressure from the normal range, the cholesterol has dropped from 300 to 123 and also her blood sugar went into the normal range.

Terri David’s secret recipes – What Terri to eat while staying on the HCG diet?

  • For breakfast – She used to have drinks like tea, coffee, herbal tea or fresh lemon juice as per the protocol.
  • For lunch – Chicken breast, lean beef, lobster, crab, fresh white fish, shrimp, and veal. She avoided taking foods like eel, pickled fish, salmon, tuna, dried fish etc (as these all contains high-fat content in them).
  • Vegetables recommended include – Beet greens, spinach, green salad, chard, chicory, tomatoes, celery, asparagus, red radish, onion cucumbers, and cabbage. After first few weeks on the protocol, Terri added few more vegetables in her diet like cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans.
  • Fruits recommended include – a handful of strawberries, one apple, small to medium-sized orange, 1/2 of a grapefruit.
  • Starch recommended include – 1 melba toast, 1 low-fat breadstick, 2 melba rounds.
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More facts about Terri David

Terri David used to consume excess amounts of low-calorie diet. Some of her favorite HCG recipes – include roasted asparagus, chicken, and strawberries salad, turkey and tomato soup, Chinese shrimp, chicken chili lettuce wraps.

Equally, Terri used to have very low amounts of sugar and starch in her food. But, still, she used to perform a lot of cheating in her diet.

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