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HCG Diet Drops User Experience Of Veronica

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Veronica is a food lover, who loves cooking and sharing recipes with others. Here’s an excerpt of her weight loss strategy with HCG drops. She has shared everything about these diet drops – starting from good to the ugly ones…

Beginning with why Veronica decided to go on the HCG diet plan?

Her struggle with weight gain began at the age of 21 years. She tried everything starting from Atkins diet to the Idiot’s diet. To some extent, these diet patterns could help her satisfy the weight loss goals – like, lost 30 pounds with the Atkins diet, 15 with the Idiot’s diet and 5 by starving herself for about 3 months. But all her efforts couldn’t succeed, because at this point she was detected with type 1 diabetes, along with an overactive thyroid. She used to take a lot of insulin, which resulted in low blood sugar. Sometimes, Veronica used to shake and sweat due to this trouble. So, in order to overcome it, she used to have lots of food – which again resulted in double weight gain. Just imagine! – 60 pounds in 3 months…

Again she switched to some other diet patterns like cabbage soup diet, Alabama 3 day diet, running with her husband etc. Besides, she used to have lean protein, veggies, fruits and lots of whole grains. But, her weight never used to remain stable – the lowest used to be 140 and the highest 190. Somehow she wanted to end this roller coaster and was looking for an effective remedy to lose her weight quickly. The next day she ordered the HC6 diet drops and started taking this healthy routine. But, the results obtained were partial – She had to suffer both positive and negative consequences of this HCG diet pattern

Good things noticed by Veronica while taking the HCG drops

  • In the initial stages, she lost 13.6 pounds.
  • Veronica always used to remain energetic, in a good mood.
  • The product suppressed her hunger.
  • It promoted her the lack of appetite, which helped her to stick to the right pattern.
  • All her chronic yeast infection cleared up as soon as she began taking these HC6 drops.
  • A major changed occurred in her insulin needs (It got decreased by more than half the level.
  • Now her blood sugar level is 132 down from 158.

Apart, from good, HCG did many bad things to her body.

  • She says, during the protocol – one has to remain on the strict diet. Generally, this used to make her a bit irritated. According to Veronica, it’s the worst thing in the world, where one has to only rely on the taco friendly salads on family reunions. Especially, when tons of yummy foods are lying on the other table.
  • Sometimes, she used to have a sick feeling in the morning (not less than 5 times out of 31 days).
  • For the first few days, things were quite drastic. On the very first day, she suffered a mild heart attack – she said her heart rate was 140 beats per minute. For few days, she used to feel light headed and the lips used to remain pale. Overall, a kind of a yucky feeling – like death is coming very near…

But the ugliest part that happened in Veronica’s body is…

This time, the things were getting worst. Veronica started experiencing some kind of rashes under the arms after the first week. On the second week, it began to spread down on the sides of her breasts to the middle area of her lower back. So, on the third week (during her periods) she decided to skip this routine and began eating more carbs than the usual levels. This, in turn, helped her to get rid of the rashes immediately. But, again when she started taking the low carb diet – the rashes reoccurred on her body. To overcome this trouble Veronica began taking spirulina along with multivitamin tablets and used to put Lamisil and Corticaid (whenever the rashes returned back).

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Suddenly, something strange happened with her – the rashes that were completely healed started getting dangerous. One night (during the last week of the HCG phase), she woke up itching and it was getting worse than before. The rashes started spreading under the breasts and it could be noticed in little red dots at random places of her body. Hence, she had to discontinue the process in the middle itself…

Note: “This doesn’t mean that the results would be the same for everyone. It varies from person to person.”

What did Veronica eat while being on the HCG diet?

During the diet phase, Veronica used to rely on the strawberries, apples, grapefruits, and lots of vegetables. Besides, she used to have few dry steaks along with some juicy chicken garnished with mustard and lettuce leaves. Altogether, she used to have around 500 calories in her diet.

With a strict diet plan, she lost around 5.6 pounds in the initial stages and was left with 30 pounds more to lose in the second phase. But, she had been on this phase only for two days.

More facts about Veronica

Veronica says that HC6 is a great product for attaining an effective weight loss goal. Best… especially if you wish to lose weight before any family reunion or vacations.

Similarly, she gained 5 pounds during her I phase of this diet program. Later, in Phase II she made up her mind and lost 4.1 pounds in one session, 1.6 pounds in the other. In this way, she was able to make it to 162.6.

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Also being a cooking and baking expert, she couldn’t resist herself from preparing the low-carb diets mentioned in the HCG cookbook. One was the lemon pepper flounder, which tasted more like a lemon, another one was the baked sole hobo pack with the toppings of radish and cucumber. Besides, she was able to give a classy flavor to some of her favorite recipes like boiled shrimp and asparagus, salsa, taco salad, hamburger salad, turkey wraps, chicken and spinach salad etc.

Here’s a link to Veronica’s actual profile

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