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Some people have conditions which restrict them from doing many things. HCG diet for hyperthyroidism is one option when you have a medical condition and want to lose weight. Check out the real life situation of Jessica!

Jessica Kinder was nearing her thirties. She was a professional, working a sales job and very ambitious at it. Like most people in Sales, she had to meet targets, travel and the pressure was always mounting. A typical woman in her thirties I would say, if not for her deteriorating conditions. You see Jessica with a cup of coffee almost all day. Her energy drinks during lunch was a replacement for water. She hit the gym at 6 every evening and at times you would see her crawling out only at 8. Yes, she worked out and worked out hard.

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Over the last few months, you could see Jessica slowing down. It’s rapid. The energy drinks and coffee are increasing, yet she is drowsy. She has put on a bit of weight, a noticeable bit I would say. May be 10 pounds more than what I had seen last month from! She was attractive then, not so, now. Women at thirties usually have a string of problems. Unlike women in late 40’s and 50’s who go through their menopausal stage, Women in 30’s tend to have a problem which is significant, worldwide, the problem with thyroid and adrenal glands. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism are not conditions which are uncommon these days. Symptoms include rapid weight loss, mood swings, lethargy and a lot, lot more. It’s usually harder to find out the cause and while most of the symptoms seem natural because they are slow to creep in. Then, there comes a point when everything crashes and the symptoms are significant.

If its not late, then you are lucky, but controlling hyperthyroidism, in itself, is a major hurdle. Medication can do a lot of good. Side effects may or may not occur depending on the drug prescribed. But then, curing hyperthyroidism is one thing and the constant weight gain which happens during the condition is another.

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Doctors will not recommend you to exercise during this period. On the contrary, you are told not to work out at all. Exerting pressure on the body will only increase your adrenal levels creating more problems to thyroid conditions and it’s in every way a practical advice. Naturopaths too will restrict you to any form or workout. Yoga, for one can be practiced with caution and this seems to be the only possible workout you can medically practice. Yoga too will have a restriction. Yoga specifically for thyroid is different from those used to lose weight and this is in many ways helpful with your thyroid treatment, but has little effect on weight loss.

Diet, your only hope for weight loss with thyroid problems

Diet of any form is a great way to lose weight. With the numerous diets today, it’s hard to chose the right one. A Naturopath advised Jessica on the HCG diet, but warned her of dire consequences if the hormone is not balanced. What would happen? The diet may help you lose weight in the initial stages, but will rapidly gain weight the moment you quit. The second worst case scenario would be that you wouldn’t lose weight at all. HCG diet was a risk. It is not advised by many medical professionals even when you doing have a medical condition. With hyperthyroidism, the risks are even higher. Jessica just took it without thinking twice. Fortunately, it did work out well for her.

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hcg diet for hyperthyroidism

Her HCG doctor recommended a 500 calorie diet with a diet drops. She lost a good 20 pounds in 30 days and maintained the weight for a whole year. The second year, she did the diet again to lose 15 more pounds in 30 days. Again, the maintenance was consistent for a whole year. While Jessica did eat a lot once or twice a year, treating her with high fat food, chocolates and pizzas, the remaining days were strict on her veggies. Water was a key. She cut down on her coffee and energy drinks to zero.

If you look carefully, It’s not just the HCG diet which helped Jessica. It was also the advice of her naturopath. Cutting down on coffee, sugar, energy drinks and any other high energy foods were a big no for her. Treating herself with some of these once in a while was not a problem. But then it should happen very rarely. Rarely as in, once or twice a year!

Eating healthy helped Jessica keep her weight off for 2 consistent years, remain healthy and maintain a great energy level. Yes, Jessica is still on medication for hyperthyroidism, but she is far more energetic, healthy and all of life today.

Is the hcg diet safe for people with thyroid problems?

Safe? Yes and no. It depends on how your hormones are balanced. If you have been in medication and your stats are consistent, your chances of going on a hcg diet and losing weight is significantly high. On the contrary, if your hormone balance is not in place, is fluctuating then chances are that you risk gaining weight rapidly after a while when you are in the maintenance phase. Worse yet, you may not lose any weight at all during the diet and may gain even more, faster after you stop the diet.

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Medically, there may be a bit of risk involved too. High blood pressure or low blood pressure, signs of extreme lethargy and nausea may be linked to the hcg diet itself but is even more significant in people suffering from thyroid problems.

Always take professional help while going on a diet. Get a complete medical check done. You never know what risks may be involved and what other conditions may affect your weight loss or your general health. Be open to your doctor and get a full blood and general check up done. Their advice is worth every penny and you will be thankful that you got the tests done, not to mention their valuable advice.

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While Jessica took the advice of a naturopath, you should keep in mind that she was in a treatment for her thyroid problems with an allopath. Both of them go hand in hand to help recover fast and it’s important that the doctors know about all the treatments you are undergoing for any and all conditions.

HCG injections vs HCG drops for People suffering from Hyperthyroidism

When you talk about HCG diet For Hyperthyroidism, there is a question which is common. HCG injections or HCG drops. While medically, the injections are far more effective and advised by doctors, the drops is much easier to handle. Many people have found the same results with both the injections and the drops. The Doctors, though, recommend injections. The diet, on the other part is more important between the choice of injections and drops.

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