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HCG Diet User Experience Of Janna

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Yes, weight loss is a quite a difficult process after having the babies. Janna’s case was the same – It was getting hard for her to get rid of the unwanted body fat after the pregnancy.

Jana is an enthusiastic lady who is a wonderful mother and a book enthusiast. Equally, she loves dancing. So, you can also call her a dancing expert to a great extent. She was struggling with her weight for the past few years and finally got something interesting – that’s HCG, which could help Janna with her weight loss struggle. Here’s an excerpt of her real-life struggle with HCG

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How and why Janna decided to go with the HCG diet program?

Yes, weight loss is a quite a difficult process after having the babies. Janna’s case was the same – It was getting hard for her to get rid of the unwanted body fat after the pregnancy. Initially, she used to teach dance for attaining the weight loss goals (after having her 5th baby). But, still, she was unable to bring any significant changes in her body. All in all, she was looking the same, even after 7 weeks of continuous dance practice. This often used to make her upset and sometimes she used to think “why bother losing weight?” But, finally, she stood up for her weight loss goals. She decided somehow “I have to lose my weight – not for my husband or kids, but for myself…”

She began searching protocols established by Dr. Simeons. Luckily, she got an inspiration from Colleen Coble (Jana’s sister’s friend and an author). According to Jana, both Colleen and her husband did the weight loss schedule with HCG and were able to come with the flying colors. Next, Jana’s aunt also practiced the same. She also ended up with amazing results in her body. So, it was Jana’s turn now. But, in the meantime, Jana got pregnant with her 7th baby. Hence, she decided to start with the HCG drops, at the end of the Christmas vacations…

The first two days were quite enjoyable, where she used to have 10 drops of homeopathic HCG – MyHCGPlus ((6X) a day) along with lots of fats. But, as time passed the things were getting serious. She was finding it difficult to continue with the low-calorie diet of strawberries and vegetables. Many times, Jana used to think I will be hungry all the time and it’s quite difficult to make a simple choice of food. Especially when so many food varieties are kept near you. Still, Jana never lost any hope. Instead, she remained motivated and followed her strict diet pattern.

Besides, some people have a false notion that HCG is extremely dangerous… it won’t work for everyone. But, Janna’s views are quite transparent in this case. She says homeopathic HCG is very effective if taken in the right methods. Obviously, the results may vary from person to person. There are no side effects involved with its usage. Instead, it makes one more energetic and look young…

Weightloss numbers attained by Jana with MyHCGPlus

In the first round, Jana lost 29.5 lbs in 32 days. Similarly, after carrying the next sessions she lost 38.2 lbs. Altogether, she started at 199.7 and ended up with 173.6 and 161.5 in the I and II phase. She reached to size 4 from size 16 simply within 5 months of its usage.

What did she eat during the HCG schedule?

Normally, Jana used to have lots of fruits, lean proteins, and vegetables in her diet.

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More facts about Jana

  • Jana got a real inspiration from Colleen. Even Jana’s mom and dad had the same diet pattern along with her best friend. In the end, all three of them succeeded in the weight loss goals by losing 31 pounds in 11 days.
  • Equally, Jana’s self-control power is worth praising. Mainly, because she never did any cheating with the diet control routine. Instead, she stuck firmly to her weight control routine because she never wants to regain it back.

According to Jana, HCG is a new venture for people who are eager to attain their weight loss goals. Really, she has become an inspiration at changing people’s lives…

Here’s a link to Jana’s actual profile




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