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HCG Drops User Experience Of Alicia Ramos

Undertaking the HCG program filled Alicia Ramos with lots of energy and motivation. Now, she is a no longer a gordita anymore (that once she used to be for her entire life)

According to, Alicia Ramos – she was a fat chubby girl from her school time itself. However, students often used to make fun of her and her nickname used to be gordita (chubby girl in Spanish) in those days. Later, she switched on to the HCG drops and lost about 67 pounds while being on this programme. Further, mentioned below is an excerpt of her weight loss journey with HCG

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How and why Alicia Ramos decided to undertake this weight loss program?

From her school time, it was quite difficult for Alicia to tackle with her weight loss trouble. She tried everything – starting from endless diets to exercise plans. But, she ended up with nothing rather than spending money on useless things. Besides, it often made her frustrated and she used to cry a lot. Later, it was Alicia’s wedding occasion and she went for a shopping to purchase a wedding dress. There she found many wedding dresses that were perfect for the normal sized girls. But, none were perfect for Alicia (Altogether there were only 5 dresses of her size 24). Looking this, she made up her mind that – “somehow I have to become a beautiful bride on my wedding day. For that, I would be doing everything, whatever the consequences be…”

Luckily, one day, while browsing the internet Alicia came across her friend’s weight loss story posted on the facebook. She commented that she had lost her weight at a fast pace using the HCG diet schedule and also posted her before and after pictures of weight loss. Sounds interesting! Seeing this Alicia got amazed. Immediately, she began her search and came up with beneficial results on this topic. The very next day, she placed her order for the HCG diet drops and began taking them immediately after its arrival. Just within a few weeks of its usage, she was able to note a sudden change in her body. Equally, her mom used to tell that she looked thinner than a day before. This inturn, helped her to get a fabulous dress (size four) five months before her wedding date.

Alicia Ramo’s weight loss results after taking the HCG diet drops

The first round was 40 days long – where she lost around 38 pounds of weight. In between, she took a three-week break, ordered more drops and lost another 29 pounds in 34 days. In this way, Alicia lost 67 pounds in 3 months, where she reached her ultimate weight loss goals.

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This made her wedding day so beautiful that all her guests were shocked looking at her amazing transformation. All in all, she was looking gorgeous than ever before.

What Alicia Ramos used to eat while being on the HCG program?

Alicia stuck according to the protocol of Dr. Simeones – where she used drink tea-coffee along with Saccharin or Stevia components added in them. For lunch, she included some healthy recipes in her diet like vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.

Some of her favorite menus include grilled chicken and asparagus, ground beef made with onions and covered with mustard.

More facts about Alicia Ramos

  • Early, it was quite difficult for Alicia to deprive herself of the favorite menus. But, she never gave up because she had a motive that I have to look beautiful on my wedding day.
  • During the process, Alicia never cheated with her diet by eating any kinds of fancy meals.
  • Her struggle towards the weight loss journey is worth praising. Afterall, it’s not that easy to stay motivated throughout the entire process…

In conclusion, undertaking the HCG program filled Alicia Ramos with lots of energy and motivation. Now, she is a no longer a gordita anymore (that once she used to be for her entire life)…

Here’s a link to Alicia Ramo’ actual profile


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