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During the first round of HCG injections from Nu Image, 28 day – She lost 26 lbs. Then, in the upcoming sessions, Jen lost around 90 lbs of weight.

Jen is a fun loving lady, who is the founder of HCG diet info. Here’s an excerpt of Jen’s personal experience with HCG. It was a life-changing experience for her, where she lost 90 lbs with the use of this simple miracle molecule…

How and why Jen decided to go for this HCG diet schedule?

According to Jen, once upon a time, she used to weigh around 240+ lbs. However, she tried every diet on the planet – Starting from a crash diet, weight watchers to Atkins. But, nothing could provide her the needed effective results. Then, one day, one of her friend (a lady at size 2 even after having two children) suggested her the “miracle medical hormone diet”, which was prescribed by the doctor. This inspired Jen to try this natural solution. The very next day, she began calling doctors asking about the HCG diet. Side by side, she began browsing the internet. But, she couldn’t find much information on this topic. All in all, her search criterion ended up with zero results. Even 99% doctors were not familiar with the HCG diet. Finally, after weeks of research and phone calls, she succeeded at finding out a doctor who could help her with the HCG diet (HCG injection from Nu Image).

To some extent, Jen was not given the exact protocol. But, the one with slight variations that was comfortable according to Jen’s body pattern. The doctor adjusted her HCG injection on the basis of her current body weight. He prescribed 200 iu daily and showed her how to self-administer the shots. During this routine, she modified the 500 calories diet and started adding more greens and few supplements in her daily intake. Generally, she hate doing exercises. But, after moving into this HCG programme, she began performing stretching exercises and yoga that made her feel good. In the mid time, she had few plans of joining the gym. However, within a few months of this diet, she was able to lose around 90 lbs and was feeling more confident than the previous times…

Weight loss results obtained by Jen after being on the correct HCG schedule

During the first round of HCG injections from Nu Image, 28 day – She lost 26 lbs. Then, in the upcoming sessions, Jen lost around 90 lbs of weight.

She says, after taking this diet her metabolism became strong. Equally, it made her eating habits healthy. Now she is no more in processed foods like bread and cereals.

What did Jen use to eat during the HCG programme?

All in all, Jen used to add around 30 grams in her diet, ranging from raw foods to supplements, including eggs, avocados, strawberries, spinach, vegetable, fruit smoothies and many other items. Besides, she always used to have one apple every day in her diet (even though she feels like having it or not).

Jen’s diet pattern include

  • Early in the morning (after waking up) – Jen used to have a cup of green drink, followed by 2 hard boiled eggs with Himalayan pink salt and turkey sausage link.
  • After this (approx 3 hours later), she had a handful of strawberries as a snack.
  • In the lunch – She had green tea, along with a recipe from Tammy Skye’s and HCG gourmet cookbook.
  • Next, some 3 hours later – Jen used to have few organic apple slices.
  • For dinner – Green drink, chicken breast, sometimes half piece of steak with an arugula salad and balsamic vinegar. Besides, many times she used to include few strawberries, hard boiled eggs or crust melba toast like croutons. One of her favorite recipes is chicken breast with green beans and Himalayan pink salt – as it’s quite simple to make and tastes very yummy too…
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Some important tips shared by Jen for individuals on the HCG diet

  • Jen says, during the first week of the HCG diet there are chances that an individual’s body might undergo a state of transition.
  • In the initial stages, Jen had to undergo certain symptoms like headaches and unnecessary hunger (sometimes feeling hungry right after eating or frequently).
  • According to Jen, it is very important to have plenty of water. However, one should keep a bottle of water with them everytime they travel. She says, the more water a person drinks the more efficient his/ her body can lose weight. Other than this, dehydration can trigger the feeling of hunger in most of the individuals.
  • It’s good to avoid the strenuous exercise pattern during this period. This can also increase hunger in one way.
  • Early, at phase I, her body used to have the sugar cravings. But later, she was able to overcome this struggle by trying a diet soda of Hanson’s brand or aspartame free brand.

More facts about Jen

Being on the strict schedule, Jen never used to cheat with her HCG diet. She rarely used to have butter and chocolates. Instead, she had an HCG friendly diet of spinach wraps with avocado and tomato sprinkled with sea salt and braggs amino acids.

Sideways, she took a number of supplements including a good multivitamin, Udo’s probiotics, vitamin D and calcium.

After getting a success in 2002. Later, In 2016, again Jen switched back to the HCG diet to lose her post-baby weight.

Here’s the recipe of Jen’s magical fat-burning smoothies, which is recommended for all who are on HCG diet…

With this Jen was able to note several miraculous changes in her body like – glowing skin, better sleep, and increase in the energy levels.

  • A handful of Spinach leaves (organic baby spinach).
  • A half piece of an English cucumber, mainly because it is very good for the skin.
  • A handful of Kale.
  • 1 cup of coconut water.
  • 1 apple (red or green that depends on your taste). Jen says that green is the better one because red could offer a bitter taste).
  • 1/2 avocado.
  • Half cup of unsweetened almond milk.
  • 1/2 inch of raw ginger.
  • Dash of turmeric or cayenne.
  • Water or ice to fill the remaining gap in the blender.
  • For taste variations, she used to add view strawberries and juice from one lemon.
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Jen’s exercise plan, during the 4 weeks of her HCG routine

  • During phase I and II – She used to have 20 minutes walk (every morning) and 40 minutes walk in the evenings with her family.
  • During phase III and IV – 30-45 minutes walk on a daily basis, along with 20 minutes of yoga sessions every day.

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