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HCG Injections User Experience Of Robin

Before moving to this diet, Robin used to have loads of fast foods and alcohol in her daily routine. Equally, she never used to perform any kind of exercises and often used to sleep late at nights.

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Robin is a fun loving woman, who loves eating fast foods. But, she often used to remain ill due to her obesity. In 2011, she was hospitalized due to her problems related to high blood pressure and hypertension. Later, her doctor put her on the low-calorie HCG diet and Robin lost about 50 pounds of weight. Further, mentioned below is a beautiful excerpt of her weight loss journey with HCG injections

How and why Robin decided to go for these HCG injections?

Before moving to this diet, Robin used to have loads of fast foods and alcohol in her daily routine. Equally, she never used to perform any kind of exercises and often used to sleep late at nights. She weighed around 226 lbs and used to wear 18-20 size clothes. Sometimes, she used to get tired quickly and thus always used to remain inactive. Finally, Robin decided that somehow I needed to tackle this problem – it’s more than enough… Luckily, she was introduced to a homeopathic doctor by her co-worker. The lady was a reputed nutritionist cum health coach – who suggested the HCG diet to Robin (in the form of injections). But, initially, it was a bit difficult for Robin to continue with the 500 calorie diets. Later she followed the diet schedule correctly and successfully lost 14 lbs in the first week itself. Overall, Robin lost a total weight of 50lbs and her size went from 18/20 to 10/12. Now her weight is 183 pounds and Robin is quite happy with her weight loss success…

What are the benefits obtained by Robin after being on the HCG diet?

  • After reaching the desired shape, Robin gained confidence in her body shape. She was now able to wear the clothes of her desire.
  • She got a lot of applause from her friends and now she used to remain less tired or stress. In comparison to her previous days.
  • HCG helped her to get back on the right track. Overall, it has changed her entire eating pattern and daily routine.

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What did Robin use to eat during her 500 calories HCG injections diet?

  • For the first 2 days, Robin had a healthy meal of fatty, carb-filled foods.
  • For the next 26 to 43 days, she had a 500 calorie diet of meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Recommended levels include…

Proteins recommended include –

  • beef,
  • chicken breast,
  • lobster,
  • crab,
  • shrimp,
  • fresh white fish,
  • veal.

Vegetables include –

  • spinach,
  • cucumbers,
  • tomatoes,
  • celery,
  • fennel,
  • onions,
  • green salad,
  • chard,
  • chicory.

Fruits include –

  • apple,
  • orange,
  • half a grapefruit,
  • handful of strawberries .

More facts about Robin

According to Robin, taking HCG injections was a right decision in her weight loss struggle. It has brought a major change in her life – it has helped her to recover from the unhealthy eating habits.

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Equally, she never did any cheating with her HCG diet. All in all, she stuck firmly to her sugar-free diet routine.

Here’s a link to Robin’s actual profile

Robin lost 43 pounds




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