Lyn insists that it is always advisable to start the HCG diet program after consulting a medical practitioner. She also cautions against fake HCG manufacturers. Among the many companies selling HCG in USA, she found Easy HCG, HCG1234 Diet drops and Nu Image Medical to be reliable suppliers of HCG.

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Lyn Ashby is an Australian who lives in Montana. She writes for on how to stay fit by eating healthy and delicious food. She shares her heath food recipes and experiences on how to stay fit with readers. Lyn Ashby had recently put on some weight and wanted to lose it desperately. She tried the HCG diet and found it successful. So she has shared her experiences on how she went about with the diet. This is her real life experience of losing more than 20 pounds in a month.

What was the motivation for her to take up the diet?

Lyn had put on some extra weight and wanted to lose it. She decided to take the HCG diet since it was recommended by Cindy O’ Meara. Cindy is a respected nutritionist and also speaks on health related topics. Lyn has great regard for Cindy’s views and hence she decided to try out the HCG diet protocol.

Did Lyn follow the HCG diet according to the original protocol? Did she follow all the phases correctly?

Lyn followed all the phases religiously. We will have a brief look at how she went about the different phases of her diet.

Phase 1: The phase one if the loading phase for 2 days. In this phase, you can have all the food that you like. You are required to eat a lot of fatty food. This is to store energy for the body to use, before the HCG starts working. Lyn however preferred to eat health fatty food. Some of her choices were Egg Benedict for breakfast, homemade Hollandaise on Asparagus for lunch and steak for dinner. The steak had cream sauce and potatoes with added cream and butter. These two days are the loading days of the diet.

Phase 2: This is the main phase of the HCG diet program and can last from 13 to 43 days depending on the amount of weight that you want to lose. Lyn did it for 27 days. Lyn followed the 500 calorie per day diet. There are a number of variants of the food that you are allowed to eat. You can have two protein servings per day (100 grams) of beef, lamb, veal, chicken breast or fish. Two vegetable servings per day are also allowed.

The HCG diet protocol gives a list of vegetables which are allowed during the diet protocol. You can eat any amount of onions, tomatoes, many of the salads and most of the herbs. Three fruits can be had per day, again from the selected list and the juice of one lime or lemon. You should drink at least 8 cups of fluids which includes water, coffee or tea. No sugar or sweets are allowed. Only one tablespoon of organic milk is allowed per day. No processed food is allowed. So also sugar, wheat, dairy, oils and alcohol should be avoided.

There are different food options available for vegetarians and diabetics.

The HCG Drops has to be taken regularly on all these days in the recommended dose.

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Phase 3: Phase three lasts for about 3 weeks and is the stabilization phase..Though fats and dairy products are not encouraged, the calorie intake can be increased to 1200-1500 calories per day. The HCG intake is also stopped during this phase. Proteins and vegetables are the best food sources to eat during this period.

Phase 4: Phase 4 is the maintenance phase. You keep eating healthy food. Good carbohydrates and unrefined sugar can be taken. Keep healthy with a good exercise regime and healthy eating habits. No HCG pills or injections are required.

Did Lyn deviate from the recommended food schedule?

Lyn more or less stuck to the recommended food schedule. The only deviation was that she used to have two glasses of lemon juice instead of the recommended one glass.

Did Lyn feel sick while on this HCG diet?

Lyn did feel tired and emotional on the first few days of phase two. She got over these side effects and is very pleased with the final results. She however cautions everyone to consult a medical practitioner before starting on this diet program

What are the other benefits apart from weight loss that Lyn experienced?

Lyn mentions that her Blood Pressure was in the range of 155/ 98 and she was taking two tablets for blood pressure every day. After undertaking the HCG diet program, her blood pressure has reduced to 117/ 76, and she has reduced her BP medication to 1 tablet per day. She aims to stop the BP medication completely, of course under medical supervision.

Her skin also has become clearer and the chronic sniffle that she used to experience often has also disappeared. This she fells could be due to the reduction in the dairy products.

Are there any other suggestions from Lyn about the HCG diet protocol?

Lyn insists that it is always advisable to start the HCG diet program after consulting a medical practitioner. She also cautions against fake HCG manufacturers. HCG should always be purchased from reliable sources and from suppliers who offer continuous support programs.

Among the many companies selling HCG in USA, she found Easy HCG, HCG1234 Diet drops and Nu Image Medical to be reliable suppliers of HCG.

She has asked users to research and find the best quality HCG which suits their need.

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