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HCG hormone is the best when used in its whole form, the pharmaceutical grade form. To get this highest grade HCG one must have a doctor’s prescription. That calls for consultation fee and some extras also. To avoid these hassles is the easy way of getting HCG with online prescription.

The HCG online prescription is no big deal. You go to the specific site, mostly by the manufacturer itself, fill in some medical forms, and fill out the personal details. The medical form is subjected to doctor’s review online and your prescription is approved, you get the real 100% HCG hormone products for use.

The Need For An HCG Online Prescription

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin is a pregnancy hormone with some miraculous ability to locate the stored fat and bring it for the energy production thus getting rid if pounds from the body. It is also a hormone used for the treatment in infertility. It uses a higher concentration of this hormone for infertility treatment. Since the same highest grade hcg hormone is the best effective for weight loss purposes, HCG for weight loss also needs a prescription.

Usually, it takes a visit to the doctor’s to get this said prescription. With the online prescription you can save time and make the HCG purchaser easier. As long as you provide the true medical state of yours, this is completely safe.

Moreover, HCG is not fit for all as it can have adverse effects when used with certain types of medications. People suffering from some medical conditions should not take the true grade HCG hormone. The prescription HCG is one way to determine this fitness of the person both physically and medically.

Prescription Strength HCG Online

The prescription strength HCG is the highly concentrated hormone-only HCG. For weight loss purposes only fewer amounts per day is required. With the prescription, you will get only as much HCG that is required. Such HCG products are either pre-mixed or non-mixed. Usually, the HCG shots are not mixed. The powdered HCG need to be mixed with bacteriostatic water to make it suitable for each injection. As for the prescription HCG drops, they can come in either form.

The regular dose of prescription HCG per day is 125 iu. A daily dose of 15 iu is also acceptable but the dose should never go beyond the limit of 175 iu. It’s healthier to stick to the lowest minimum dose. It is ideal for healthy weight loss and no hunger.

Where To Buy Hcg Online Prescription Products?

There are many online sites that offer this prescription HCG. The prescription HCG doesn’t come cheaper as it contain the true hormone. It can roughly cost somewhere around $1000 in diet clinics and other similar places. Purchasing it online is a downright cheaper option but the price is still higher at many leading sites.

Nuimage Medical HCG - A Healthy Weight Loss Program

There also are these 2 sites where you can get HCG online prescription which is cheaper and safer. Getting true and safer HCG is also a challenge and these 2 sites are reliable on this account. You pay for the genuine prescription HCG online and you get the true HCG.

Online Sites For Safe And Cheaper Hcg Online Prescription Products

HCG Buy Direct

The main reason why HCG Buy Direct is a safe place for HCG is that there you will get prescription HCG drops. There are not many places where you get the prescription HCG online and HCG Buy Direct is one of the best among them. Here, HCG is provided in un-mixed form. In fact, you need to mix into liquid form for making it useful.

Un-mixed Prescription HCG Drops

This un-mixed HCG prescription drops comes in vial that has a total of 12,000 iu value of HCG in it. This powdered form of HCG need to be mixed in a sterile bottle with the mixing liquid provided in the kit. Once mixed you have the true form of HCG on liquid form. This type of HCG drops must be taken sublingual (under the tongue).

The Procedure

Go to the official hcg website and click on the online prescription questionnaire. Here, you need to give you personal details, height, weight, and complete medical details on the level of all the vital organs and counts. Check the respective boxes against each medical condition, if you have anything related to it. If all is well, then you can just leave the box. Further details must also be given for each selected medical condition.

There are also questions related to your lifestyle, nutrition and diet that you follow, any allergies, details about other weight loss programs that you have attended earlier. Then, you have to submit the consent form also. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, you can submit the questionnaire. After submission, it takes a maximum of 24 hours for the evaluation by the doctors, and approval of your HCG prescription.

The submitted form will be valid for a period of 12 months from the submission date. You can use this form or prescription provided to purchase the HCG products within this period.

HCG Injections

For Weight Loss

NuImage Medical HCG Injections

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You can purchase the products anytime with the submitted form. You will be charged only after the form is approved and prescription is sent. You can choose the program you want from the 23 days kit or the 46 days kit.

  • 23 day kit: The 23 day kit includes an HCG vial that can last for these much days. The prescription will have to be obtained for this HCG that has strength of 12,000 iu. The HCG is in powdered form and all the necessary tools and bottle are provided in the kit. The bottle provided is sterile and with a dropper cap for easy administration. This particular kit enables you to lose body weight of 15 to 25 pounds. This kit costs just under $100 and you will not get anything cheaper with the same quality.
  • Two 23 day kits: This package includes two 23 day kits that last for 46 days altogether. Each kit has one vial, one bottle and enough sterile water for the mixing. Use only one kit at a time and prepare the second one only when the time comes. This keeps the HCG fresh and virulent. This extended weight loss period can bring on a loss of 30-45 pounds of weight.
  • The add-ons: Along with these kits you can add some extras to help with the weight loss task like appetite suppressant drops, appetite suppressant patches, or a combo of vitamin B12 and a bottle of HCG lotion. HCG diet prevents you from using any kind of cosmetics during the phase 2. This HCG lotion is safe to use during this time to keep your skin moist and care for. These add-ons are available at a discounted rate. There also are options like body lotion, hand lotion facial lotion, or bath salts for you to help with the HCG program. They keep the skin healthy and the salts helps in detoxifying the body.

Dosage: Dosage is sublingual. Measure about 1 ml of the prepared HCG liquid and drop in 10 drops under the tongue, first thing in the morning. Keep the liquid there for 5 minutes or as long as you can. The liquid will be absorbed faster. Stick to the same time every day. Couple the HCG drops with the very low calorie diet of 500-1200 calories a day only with only the allowed food.

The HCG products at HCG Buy Direct will be charged with an extra $30 for the shipment that delivers the product within 2 days. You can place the order online or over the phone.

Medical Weight Management At New Edge Health

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Prescription HCG shots are the widely used mode of the pure HCG hormone for weight loss. It does not usually come cheaper. It is also to be noted that not everyone who applies for prescription HCG is given approval or qualify. There is a certain procedure at New Edge health for the HCG to be available.

  • You need to provide medical charts and other details with latest photograph of yours to prove the body mass index.
  • A recommendation letter from the local physician
  • Evaluation happens over Skype chat
  • Finally blood tests to be done for the values.

Once you have all these, you are eligible to ‘apply for HCG’. The doctors at New Edge Health will then evaluate and decide whether or not you are fit for the program. Choose the program that you wish to follow and then fill in the details along with the above mentioned necessities. Only after you have approved and qualified for the purchase would you be charged for. If your application is rejected, then there are no charges and no HCG as well.

If you are lucky to be approved, you will be charged and your prescription is sent to the corresponding pharmacy. Your HCG will come directly come from the pharmacy.

The HCG Options

At the New Edge health, there are 2 options for the HCG form – HCG shots, and HCG tablets. Both of these require the prescription.

HCG Diet Program With HCG Shots

25 day service includes a tele-medical consultation, a complete kit with a vial of 5000 iu HCG and needed supplies for the mixing. A detailed booklet on HCG diet and the mixing instructions and rules to follow the HCG diet.

50 day service includes double the dose of HCG with 10000 iu and the necessary supplies for mixing. All the necessary syringes and needles for the shots are also there in the kit. Use one needle for each day.

You have options to add additional supportive products like B12 energy booster or lipo-3 fat loss that reduces the fat tissue in the body.

HCG Prescription Tablets Online

The sublingual HCG tablets are ready to use and most convenient than the shots. This is also prescription quality HCG. These HCG tablets are available for 30 day service or 60 day service. The former kit includes a bottle of HCG tablets with 30 counts for each day and the 60 day service has 60 tablets for each day. The tablets are sublingual; keep it under the tongue until it is melted and absorbed.

NuImage Medical HCG Injections

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Both these services otherwise includes a tele-med consultation for the said duration, training and instructions materials to guide you. There is also a bottle of free B12 energy booster with these kits. Each tablet contains 500iu HCG. It is higher than usual dosage since not all of these HCG is absorbed into the body. The remaining we swallow which does not ensure enough HCG reaching the blood system. With this higher dose a minimal amount of HCG is sure to reach the circulatory system.

At New Edge health, you get quality HCG in either form at a price of $250-$500. Both the forms of HCG must be supported by HCG diet. The chat hours are from Mon-Fri at 7.30am-4PM Pacific time. The tele hours are 10am-4pm Pacific time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, HCG drops or HCG shots?

Both forms of HCG are pure but the shots would be better than the tablets. The HCG shots ensure that the hormone directly reaches the blood system and can start acting immediately. The tablets take time to dissolve and absorb and only a portion of the HCG reaches the blood. It is kind of waste of the money as well. With the shots, you are completely utilizing the HCG that you have paid for.

Why we need to mix the HCG?

The un-mixed HCG will have its power stored inside. Upon mixing, the products must be used as early as possible. Being a hormone, HCG does not have much shelf life. The powdered form has better shelf life than the mixed hormone.

Side effects of prescription HCG drops

The HCG hormone does have its share of side effects. The commonly seen side effects are, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting etc. There can also be pain in the stomach or pelvic region, shortness of breath and swellings in hands and legs. Some people may initially have weight gain before they start losing weight.

Pregnancy like symptoms in women can be misleading. They would also have a positive result for their pregnancy test. So they need to do this test before they start with HCG program. HCG may interfere with pregnancy.

How to store the prescription HCG?

The prescription HCG once mixed must be refrigerated. Shake the bottle well before every use. Do not let it stay outside for longer. Take it from the refrigerator, use it and put it back in the cold once again. The un-mixed HCG vial should be kept in a dry and cool place away from heat or sunlight. It need not be refrigerated.

Nuimage Medical HCG - A Healthy Weight Loss Program