Nuimage Medical HCG – A Healthy Weight Loss Program

Nu image Medical is surely one of the few products which can make a significant mark in the HCG industry. There are reasons to believe that the HCG drops and pellets by Nu Image Medical is surely the best in the industry. With wholesale packages and Nu Image Medical supplying private labels, I wouldn’t be amazed if I was using a product with another name manufactured by Nu Image Medical.

Enroll in Nu image medical HCG NOW!!! Nu image medical HCG always ensure that you are in absolutely fit to start out the HCG diet. Here is why they are termed as tele-medicine HCG diet plan provider. Nu image provide you with the weight loss package only after APPROVAL from their panel of doctors. You need to fill out a medical form which might call for your medical history.

A very quick and professional company, it gives you the best customer service i have ever experienced. A special thank to Paola who have always emailed me and answered all my questions promptly. I highly recommend the HCG diet program to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Nu Image Medical HCG For A Healthy Weight Loss

Nu Image Medical is a very popular weight loss program using the HCG hormone and a strict very low calorie diet. Nu image has set themselves a class apart from other HCG brands by providing the best quality human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone for weight loss. Be what you choose – HCG injections, HCG drops or HCG pellets you will get it from Nu image that offers you prescription hormone under medical supervision.

Nu image Medical – The brand

Nu image medical has an actual brick and mortar office at Tampa, Florida. The company specializes in providing not only medical HCG diet but other anti-aging plans such as hormone replacement therapy etc. that stops AGING right then and there not to mention giving you a healthy life to look forward for. They are undoubtedly the leaders when it comes to providing tele-medicine support.

Initiated in the year 2004, Nu image have been providing 24/7 quality health services 365 days a year. Experienced doctors and pharmacists to support the customer at every step, Nu image takes pride in delivering premium products at cost effective price that not only keeps a boundary on the budget but also promises healthy results without any side effects.

Nu image Medical – Top products

Prominent products from Nu image medical are the HCG and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Therapy. Nu Image Medical goes a mile further in satisfying the customers with their various HCG products. You can choose from the options available such as drops, injections, or pills.

Currently, there are many HCG brands available in the market such as herbal, synthetic HCG and even homeopathic. These products cannot assure you that you will lose weight as they come with various ingredients unlike Nu Image that contains pure 100% HCG. This is one of the reasons why people have been calling Nu Image Medical and its diet as the complete ‘HCG-CURE’.

The Best option is HCG injections

Benefits of using Nu image medical HCG

No more waiting at doctor’s clinic for getting shots. Save some pennies in your wallet to get shot each and every time you visit your doctor. Nu image medical HCG injections can be self-administered. The recommended area is around your belly button/abdominal area. This is the predominant area where abnormal fat resides. Injecting directly on the body makes the hormone to enter the body system directly.

For further clarifications on how to administer Nu image medical HCG injections, you can contact the customer support for help. A step-by-step guide which is available at Nu Image Medical will ease down your worries of self-administering.

  • FREE consultations with doctor via phone, video
  • 100% real prescription HCG sent directly
  • Avoid frequent visits to clinic
  • No blood test or other work required
  • Healthy and safe weight loss post HCG diet
  • Different HCG forms available – such as pellets, injections and drops for you to choose
  • Approval only after submitting your medical form
  • Quality Nu image medical HCG delivered at your doorstep
  • No prescription needed

Nu image Medical HCG – Other forms available

Nu Image Medical HCG products are quite a bit different from the usual HCG products available online. They have the full content of what you order. There are injections, drops, and pellets from which you can choose. Make sure you know your options and have thought it out with help from their customer support before you order so that you do not have any unsatisfactory results.

Nu image medical HCG is available in three different forms – injections, pellets and drops. I leave it at your discretion to choose between the three.

Stating the obvious, Nu image medical HCG injections work the best in delivering optimum weight loss. But for those afraid of taking shots, Nu image medical HCG pellets or Nu image medical HCG drops work just as effective as shots.

Nu image medical HCG pellets and HCG drops are quite easy to use. Simply place them under the tongue as per the dosage and let HCG work their way to your body by cutting out chubby fat from your body. Nu image medical HCG drops need to be taken between 125-200 iu per day.

Nu Image Medical HCG Protocol

There are many Nu Image Medical HCG diet protocol options available online to follow. But it suggests that you follow the best of all, the original diet protocol created by Dr. Simeons (creator of the HCG diet). Follow this original 500 calorie intake diet and beware of malpractices and fraudulent advises provided by people in disguise of doctors.

Follow this simple Nu Image HCG Diet Protocol and the daily dose of injections to have convincing results after 40 days.

HCG diet Plan

Nu image medical HCG comes with the 500 calorie diet that is mandatory. And there is no escape from it.
Be it HCG injections, drops, or pellets you choose, you need to select either of the plan based on the weight you want to lose.

  • Lose up to 15 lbs – 26 days Nu image medical HCG diet plan
  • Lose up to 15 lbs AND MORE – 46 days Nu image medical HCG diet plan

Nu Image Medical Diet

There are several procedures you can follow while undergoing Nu Image Medical diet and this involves several phases and you following the recipes suggested by them as well. Dr.Simeon, who actually discovered this diet, had not suggested these phases, but they are effective all the same.

The first phase would require you to consume around 68 oz of water daily for a while to detoxify your body. The consumption of lots of water is a necessity during the diet as well, as there will be extra fat being broken down in the body than usual and these will require a medium to dilute in. Not following this can cause side effects like gallstones formation. The other phases involve certain calorie limitations and HCG administrations.

Worries regarding this diet and HCG

Generally, the Nu image HCG diet has been found to produce highly effective results with the loss of harmful obesity and other health issues. The customer service and delivery is very efficient. The product itself is easy to use. Though some people who have opted for oral drops have found the taste unpleasant, it can be neglected in view of the favorable results.

Men sometimes show aversion from this diet hearing that HCG is a hormone found in the placenta of women during pregnancy and they immediately think of gender variation issues. But there is in fact nothing to worry about.

500 calorie diet

The Nu Image HCG is a perfectly natural hormone that will do nothing but good if used properly and everyone can use them. The only thing that every person may not be able to go through with is the 500 calorie diet but even that will get familiarized easily as the HCG will suppress unwanted hunger during the period. The only way to be entirely sure of its effects is by trying it out.

The 500 calories a day includes good portion of protein, fiber, and vegetables. Fats and sugars are avoided completely. Carbohydrates are allowed to take only in small amount.

Nu image medical – Do’s & Dont’s on the diet


  • Moderate exercise is ok (for 10-15 minutes). No heavy workouts.
  • You can steam, boil, or grill your veggies. Steam for best results.
  • Use salt, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, basil or other herbs for seasoning.
  • You can have a piece of fruit for lunch – 1 apple, handful of strawberries or half a grapefruit
  • You can include B12 vitamin to your HCG diet.
  • Increase your water intake at all phases of the Nu image HCG diet.
  • You can consume coffee, tea without any sugar. You may use 1 tbsp of milk within a period of 24 hours.


  • Note the sugar and salt consumption when you are on diet.
  • Take out visible fat from meats such as chicken breast, lobster, beef, shrimp, veal etc. Boil or grill without any extra fats.
  • Do not use any type of fats for seasoning such as olive oil, vegetable oil etc.
  • Cosmetic products such as lotion, cream, lipstick etc. come with animal fat contents. Such products can hinder Nu image medical HCG diet weight loss plan. The best option is to avoid and use all natural or organic products.

Nuimage Medical Products

Nu image medical is a health care service providing company based in Tampa, Florida. Since 2004, the company is a leading Online, doctor supervised and Medical HCG Diet Program providing company which deals in weight loss and anti aging products.

With an excellent team of licensed doctors they are able to treat over 50,000 patients across the entire country with their prescribed HCG Weight Loss system. They have mastered the program so that each individual can maximize their weight loss program. With nationwide availability to their patients, no illegitimate practices and quick delivery options they provide four major programs as listed below for you:

  • The Nu Image Medical HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Diet program
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Tanning Made Simple – Melanotide II
  • MIC / B12 Weightloss

The Nu Image Medical HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Diet program.

The HCG is a hormone produced naturally by pregnant women through the placenta. Surprisingly, HCG and strict low calorie diet will help person loose fats within short time span.

How I proceed for HCG?

Firstly, consult a doctor before taking up any diet programs as it will change your routine eating intake and so your body should be physically capable to support such change.

The Nu Image HCG diet protocol is very important for you to understand and to proceed with it. Your calorie intake will be reducing to 500 calories/day by following a strict diet plan. Deviating from this protocol may have negative side effects and weight gain.

Along with the HCG diet protocol you will also have to take HCG injections as prescribed. This will help your body to function regularly without any deficiency. Beware, if you are on HCG, don’t eat regular diet as it is not going to reduce weight.

How does Nu Image HCG work?

Nu Image Medical HCG works by mobilizing the fat and converting them into energy so that you won’t feel lethargic or hungry. This process is known as ketosis. During this period, it is very important to keep your calories under check. That’s why Nu Image recommends a strict 500 calorie diet (which was invented by Dr. Simeons) when you are using HCG products. It also contains B12 products that increases the energy levels to keep you fit and active all day through.

Be it HCG drops, injections or pellets, it is important that you maintain this diet. There are many protocols to follow while you are in the diet such as drinking around 8 oz of water a day to cleanse the system. It is to break down the fats much more easily than usual and prevent any kidney stone formation etc.

Nu Image does recommend consulting your physician before taking up this diet especially if you are under medication. You can very well continue with your ongoing medication even if you are on the HCG diet as Nu Image Medical does not involve with any medication and will not give you any side effects.

Nu image medical side effects

Side effects have always been part of HCG. Nu image medical HCG products DO NOT carry any side effects. In fact there are lot of testimonials and reviews that claim healthy benefits apart from weight loss.

HCG has always been a favorite child of controversy. But it’s just not the hormone. The very low calorie diet (VLCD) when combined with the HCG hormone can deliver many health risks. Experts claim that putting the body on such pressure can lead to malfunctioning of vital organs. This can lead to many health issues such as

  • Mood irritability and anger
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Weird weight loss
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Lethargy or feeling tired
  • Fluctuating blood pressure levels
  • Lack of sleep or insomnia
  • Increased hunger

Nu image ensures that HCG hormone is of optimum quality. But, if you are dealing with any health condition such as cardio disease, blood pressure, depression etc. consult your medical practitioner and then begin with HCG diet.

Other Programs offered by Nu Image Medical in details

Nu Image Medical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal deficiency can cause negative side effects that can affect our routine. You may suffer from loss of sex drive, decreased Energy levels, high cholesterol and gaining weight gland is responsible for controlling a majority of the other glands in your body so it is often referred to as the Master Gland.

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are produced naturally by the pituitary gland enabling your organs to produce IGF-1 which helps in the overall development of your bodily functions. Research has proved that decrease in HGH levels is due to increase in age. To get back on track and live a quality life avail the Nu Image Medical’s HGH therapy today.

Nu Image Medical Tanning Made Simple – Melanotide II

Nu Image Medical Melanotide II is a hormone similar to Melanotan II that is responsible for skin pigmentation, skin tanning naturally, and UV protection by activating our melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH).

Nowadays taking skin tan Injections or drug also known as “The Barbie Drug!” is common among women. Nu Image offers Melanotide II drug which naturally helps in increasing the levels of melanin in the skin which in turn stimulates producing a dark, brown pigment and photo protective effect on skin.

Here you will get sunless tanning without any risk of UV cancer, skin burn or drying and aging. No worry on weight gains and balanced sexual life.

Nu Image Medical MIC/B12 Weightloss

The combination of amino acids and vitamins, Nu Image Medical MIC injections are used for weight loss and fat burning activity. It should be taken via Sub Q injection daily to help burn extra fat and provide excessive energy taking care of overall body health. Join the Nu image medical plan for affordable drug which may cost you 3 times less instead of paying outside $200 per injection.

Nu Image Medical Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The next product from Nu image medical is the Human Growth Hormone which can literally STOP AGING!!! Of course, you cannot stop the aging process. However, you can always feel young and rejuvenate your ‘wear and tear’ body cells by giving them a boost of HGH.

Research says that by the age of 20, the level of HGH is 10 mg per deciliter of human blood. This means by the time you hit 60, the level of growth hormone plummets by 80%. Growth hormone is essential for not just making us look young but also effects the

  • Muscle growth
  • Functions of vital organs
  • Body height
  • Cells and tissues

With Nu image medical hormone replacement therapy you will notice that the body is regaining its lost strength and vigor. Loss of energy, lack of sex drive, thinning of hair, wrinkles in skin, osteoporosis, heart, and other health problems are indirectly signs to low growth hormone levels.

Using Nu image medical HGH therapy will result in

  • Proportionate weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Muscle gain than fat gain
  • Quality sleep
  • Increased sexual libido
  • Improves the tone of the skin making it tighter
  • Builds stronger bones

Sermorelin and HGH – How does it work?

Few use the Sermorelin therapy to promote a healthy skin and a better young feel in many. However there is more than meets the eye. Sermorelin is basically a peptide and is a growth releasing factor. They contain only 29 amino acids while HGH comes with 191 amino acids.

Now there must be lot of HGH therapies that will offer you “feel young” promises. But patients taking HGH experience benefits for a short while and the results abruptly stop.

As sermorelin stimulates the production, it has the ability to self regulate how much is too much for the body.
Dosage of the sermorelin injection is once a day before bedtime. Administering it before sleep can prove beneficial as it releases the body’s natural production and release healthy amount of growth releasing factor during your sleep.

Dietary supplements

Apart from the HCG diet plan, Nu image medical also offers you dietary supplements that will boost the weight loss procedure. A low calorie diet may, at times, lead to nutritional deficiency. Dietary supplements such as –

  • Vitaboost XL – comes with vitamins and minerals that compensate for the lost nutrition.
  • Digesti-Cleanse – cleanses your digestive tract to help you jump start your diet.
  • Stress Stop – helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety, weight loss related depression or fatigue. It also helps in cutting down adrenal fatigue due to menopause. A natural remedy, it supports the adrenal gland function naturally.
  • Calcium Pyruvate 1000mg – is a fat burner that naturally occurs in your body. It helps in digesting foods such as sugars and starches to convert them into energy. Calcium pyruvate from Nu image medical assists in raising the energy levels while reducing blood pressure.
  • Phase 3 Ultra Burn – MIC/LIPO, as often termed, ultra burn is available in capsules and injection form. It comes with fat metabolizing lipotropics, amino acids, and vitamins that speed up the weight loss process.
  • JefFUEL – is an optional supplement that will cut down appetite. It contains caffeine which may not go well with few.
  • Biotin 10K – if you are suffering from any health condition that causes loss of hair, Biotin 10K can be helpful. The potent ingredients restore thick hair and are beneficial for everyone experiencing hair loss.
  • DreamSpa – helps you to fall asleep easily. The blend of ingredients cuts down insomnia and restores quality sleep.

But that’s not all. Nu image medical also provides meal replacement shakes that come with 110 calories. It contains only 26 grams of protein that will get you through the day without hunger pangs. Choose between the three available flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

Why buy Nu image medical HCG

The customer support of Nu image medical HCG will call and confirm the details. Your information will be monitored by a group of experienced doctors, who will decide the further course of action. You will then be deemed fit to undergo the diet or not. If you are dealing with any health condition or under medication, it might interfere with your HCG diet triggering unwanted side effects. This is why Nu image medical HCG asks for your medical history as a pre-requisite. The company shows its genuine regard when it comes to consumer’s health and is certainly not involved in simply making profits.

Nu image medical HCG drops and other forms are prescribed by hand-on-experienced physicians. They are manufactured in a licensed pharmacy right here in US of A. Nu image makes sure that the pharmacies that manufacture 100% HCG hormone are licensed. The pharmacies must abide by the regulations set up by regulatory authorities such as GMP, FDA etc. Only then are the HCG products available to the customers to serve the purpose. This makes it easy to pick the best quality product in the market.

Getting HCG from Nu Image Medical

When you place an order on their website, Nu Image Medical HCG has the normal procedure required while ordering online and it’s all perfectly safe. Once you have ordered, you get a call from them confirming your order and then your order is set for a medical review. You get constantly contacted via email to keep you updated about the progress and then with the shipping details.

Nu Image medical is keen on the product they sell and whom they sell to. They follow up to find that their products have taken its right course and you are satisfied with the product. Nu Image medical can sometimes be termed as too aggressive in getting their customers to be satisfied. They do everything to make sure that their customers are happy and the product is not at fault.

Nu Image Medical promo codes, discount codes & coupon code

From time to time, Nuimage comes with promo codes, discount codes and coupon codes. These are seasonal. Nu Image Medical coupon code can be obtained at their site and hence the site can be bookmarked to be notified of any upcoming discounts and coupons. Also check out the Facebook page of Nu Image to be updated on the latest discounts and deals.

  • Subscribe to Nu image medical newsletters. You will get 10% OFF Coupon code on the Nu image medical HCG diet plan. Nu image respects your privacy.
  • Make sure to check other websites to get excellent discount offers.

Nu image medical returns

Nu image medical has clearly stated that all the products be it HCG or HGH purchased from pharmacies are neither NON-RETURNABLE nor NON-REFUNDABLE. This seems like a huge drawback for such a big branded company. But the ratio of complaints vs. positive responses lean more on the good side. Many dieters have lose weight after using Nu image medical HCG.

Nu image medical – other services and products offered

Nu Image HCG Diet Program

Don’t know what to eat along with Nu image HCG diet plan? Nu image solves your problem. They offer you Gourmet meal program based on their own set of researches done on patients. The company offers you 7 days of nutritious and balanced meals that are equally delicious.

This HCG diet program from Nu Image has the proper diet prepared for you and delivered to you when you need it and as long as you need it. The busy life of today does not give much time to prepare the HCG meals.

The HCG meals do take a while to correctly measuring the portion so that the diet is strictly 500 calories a day. This is not an easy task. This is the reason why Nu Image has come up with this diet program.

The 500 calorie food HCG diet program includes

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Afternoon snack
  • Fresh, Organic Gourmet Meals
  • Weekly delivery

Once you have decided which meal plan that you need, make sure to order the menu on Thursday to receive them. This diet program is suitable to continue for as long as your HCG Weight loss program lasts. It is also useful with the maintenance phase. The only thing that you can have something extra with these as the calorie limit is higher during this phase.

Be it lunch, dinner, or afternoon snack; have them delivered right at your office or home. To ensure variety, the menus are changed every week. You will receive a week of meals every Friday once your HCG diet starts. This takes the pain out of counting calories and hunting for delicious recipes. For effective weight loss, combine Nu image HCG with the diet program.

Nu image Medical Reviews & Testimonials

Nu image medical HCG diet reviews are quite good. Forums such as or the official website of etc. are filled with testimonials. Many dieters have felt a positive impact after using Nu image HCG. They have not only lost excess pounds but have also felt great metabolic level. Initial days were difficult (quite obvious) but once they got on track, there was no turning back. Users state that the Nu image HCG actually works in cutting down abnormal fat from the body.

The con side is the non-refundable and non-returnable clause set by Nu image. It did not go well with few users. The company might have confidence in their product but the consumers need an assurance that they have invested in the right product.

Positive Nu Image medical review

Another positive Nu Image medical review is and one of their prominent features that make Nu Image a top HCG provider is their excellent customer service. Unlike many HCG doctors that make you sit for prolonged hours in waiting rooms, Nu Image customer service clarifies any queries promptly without making you wait. There are licensed doctors too who supervise you via video or phone whenever you need a clarification from them regarding HCG and its diet.

Nu Image Medical tend to go overboard in pleasing their customers that they provide you with meal replacement shakes (flavors available – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) and deliver the 500 calorie diet right at your home wherever you are in USA. Yes, believe it or not, they have fabulous chefs that provide nutritious food derived from amazing recipes that will be shipped directly to your home. Another reason for the Nu Image Medical HCG reviews.

Negative Reviews

A complaint was lodged in RIPOFF REPORT during October 2014 claiming that the customer service was quite rude and unapologetic when asked questions about the product. You can find the complete info at Nu image came with a rebuttal that the user is actually trying to taint the company’s name by throwing baseless accusations.

The cost of Nu image HCG is frankly a bit on the expensive side. Good things don’t come cheap. Instead of fake homeopathic HCG drops, using a quality HCG from Nu image will work efficiently on your body. If you need real visible results, loosen the purse strings a tad bit for Nu image medical HCG.

Few customers even commented on the post that the product of Nu image has worked excellently for them without any side effects.

If you are a healthy person or have got a green flag from your health practitioner about Nu image medical HCG, then you are good to go.

Another group feels that HCG injections are far better as they are easily absorbed in the body and works much faster on their fat system. But no matter what you try, Nu Image Medical is definitely on the list of people’s choice and it wouldn’t be surprising if one doesn’t lose weight with the range of products offered by Nu Image Medical.

Nu image Customer reviews – what people have to say about HCG and HCG

LuAnne F – “Appeared exactly as they were submitted to us”

“I am very much impressed with the delivery of the products and the great customer service. I had earlier ordered from Canada and just received another parcel. Everything was neatly packaged and in perfect shape.
So excited to start out my journey. Thank you Nu image for making it happen.”

Frequently Asked Questions on Nu image medical HCG

Are there any negative Nu image HCG diet reviews available?

There are not much of negative reviews available online. Users have found immense satisfaction with the product. The non-refundable norm laid by Nu image however seems to be irritating a few.

Where can I find Nu image medical coupon or Nu image medical promo code?

Nu image medical coupon or discount codes are available in various websites. Promo code is available in the official website –

Isn’t the Nu image medical HCG injections enough for me? Should I follow a diet?

Yes, it is mandatory to follow the HCG diet.

What is Nu image medical HGH?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is Hormone Growth Therapy that comes with sermorelin injections. It is basically an anti-aging program that helps in production of the growth hormone naturally. The motive is to keep you young and healthy cutting down many years from your body.

Is Nu image medical registered with Better business bureau (BBB)?

No, the company is not registered with BBB.

Does Nu image medical provide b12 injections?

Yes, a blend of vital vitamins called MIC/LIPO or Ultra burn injections are available. Nu image medical Ultra burn is available in capsule form too. It is for those who are afraid of taking shots.

Where is Nu image medical center located in USA?

Nu image medical is located in Tampa, Florida.

Are there any Nu image medical complaints available?

There are a couple of complaints about Nu image. The company needs to really improvise on treating the customers else they will lose valuable clients.

Are Nu image medical HCG drops homeopathic?

No, Nu image HCG drops are 100% prescription medicine and are rich in actual HCG hormone.

Is Nu image medical HCG pellets as effective as HCG injections?

Stating the obvious, HCG injections are the best. However, few are afraid to self-administer HCG shots. In such cases, Nu image medical HCG pellets work as efficient as injections.

Is Nu image medical legitimate?

Yes, the company is quite genuine with a proper office in Tampa, Florida. Nu image medical have been in the business for more than a decade. The company has received positive responses from many users for their products.

Where can I find Nu image medical refill?

Refills for Nu image HCG are available in the official website. You need to fill out a form to get the necessary supplies. NOTE that HCG refills are provided only to existing customers.

Does Nu image medical give away free shipping?

No. But avail of FREE GROUND SHIPPING using the code “ship022014” during check out.

Where can I find Nu image medical mixing HCG instructions for drops and injections?

Mixing instructions for Nu image medical is provided with the HCG kit. You can even download it from online.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, many have found Nu Image Medical very effective as it prevents obesity and its related diseases. All the instructions of the HCG product are crystal clear and quite easy to use. Some recommend using pellets compared to oral drops as they find the taste bit odd and tangy. There are many men who think that HCG is only for women and not for them due to many rumors following that HCG can lead to gender change. But this is completely untrue and you are very much safe to consume HCG.

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