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Official HCG drops contain HCG which will target the fat reserves in the body and break them down to provide energy.The Officical HCG diet plan is the recommended diet plan which is followed along with the Official HCG drops for best results.

With all the research going on and plenty of things being talked about I realized that Official HCG drops side effects was something to be checked on. The first site I popped into was Mayo Clinic and then I couldn’t find much information on why HCG was banned except for the fact that it uses less than 1000 calories per day and that’s why it’s not safe. Where are the side effects to using HCG drops?

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Well if starving yourself would lead you to some side effects, consider the fact of being overweight or obese. No one in their sane minds would want to loose weight if they were already thin or perfectly built. Most people who want to lose weight are on the heavier side, more heavier than they ought to be. That said, HCG drops by itself does not seem to have any side effects. Reason? Well thats because HCG drops is Natural. Its extracted from a Human and there is no chemicals involved. Official HCG drops doesnt have any Side effects by itself.

But one cannot ignore the effects of the HCG on some people. Some have a smooth time taking the HCG drops while some others do suffer the baddies. But, do not worry; there are not many side effects with the HCG drops as in the case of HCG injections that can have some real bad side effects.

Side Effects Associated With HCG Drops And The HCG Diet

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As said earlier the Official HCG drops itself does not have any problem with. Whatever the side effects are it is mainly due to the crash diet. It really is insane to take such low calorie diet of 500 calories. 500 calories, really! Well the problem with such low calories is definitely dealt with by the HCG drops that help bring in resources to have energy produced from the reserved fat.

The cause for the side effects is mainly the diet, the low calorie itself. Our bodies are used to a high-calorie diet that it is natural to go bonkers when the regular calorie supply is cut down drastically. So here are the possible side effects. Yes possible as it does not happen always or for everyone.


A headache can be a constant companion for many. A headache we are talking about here is the one that caused by sudden sugar crush in the blood. You might have noticed that you get headaches whenever you are very late to have food and when the blood sugar is low for a long time. The similar effects are shown by the body when you supply it with very low calories only.

The headaches are mostly seen in the initial week or days of the HCG diet. It has really got nothing to do with the HCG drops at all. Once the body gets used to the new calorie supply the headaches would be gone sooner.

It is also alright for you to take any normal painkillers in case the headache has gone overboard. Normally it shouldn’t go that far and the headaches are nothing to panic about.

Dizzy spells

What happens to someone who has gone for longer with not much food or technically, low-calorie intake? They usually faint. The same happens with the early days of HCG diet. The extremely low-calorie diet might show its impact with having dizziness. Once again, this is also not for something to be worried about. It happens especially for those who have been on high sugar diet.

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Leg cramps

Leg cramps are one among the rare side effects. This is experienced by those who have a low potassium level in the body. It can be easily remedied with a potassium supplement. Stretching the legs will also work to get relief from the cramps.

Bloating and constipation

Low calorie diet means less food in the system. This could cause bloating in not time. People who already have such problems are more at risk with such things. The lack of proper bowel movements is the main cause behind this problem.

The other side effect is constipation caused by less fiber, amount and dehydrated state. Drinking plenty of water should be the main remedy for this problem.

If it goes beyond control, one may use a sugar free laxative for relief. Aloe vera is one such natural solution for constipation.

Skin problems

Skin problems are generally associated with weight loss, or fat loss to be precise. The various toxins the body accumulates over the period of time are actually stored inside the fat cells. When these fat cells are dissolved and burnt, the toxins are released in high number than the body might be able to deal with. These toxins can cause the skin problems like rashes or redness.

As the body gets rid of the toxins, probably within a week’s time maximum, the rashes or the redness are also disappeared. Once again, this does not happen for all, but is also not something that should be written off. The risk is there for all but not everyone shows the signs. Drinking plenty of water helps flush the toxins out of the system. There is restriction on the amount of water consumed. The more the better, so why not use it to avoid such side effects of the HCG diet?

HCG Diet Is More To Be Blamed For All Problems

Yes there are these problems to HCG Diet. The obvious reasons are clearly on the papers too. Most people with some conditions are restrained from following a rigorous diet. Conditions like high blood pressure or high diabetes can lead to conditions not reliable. IF you are on a HCG diet with a condition, we recommend that you take expert advice. Without expert advice, a doctor’s consultation or a dietitian’s advice, you may lead yourself to a risk. You could increase your intake and modify your diet slightly to go overboard. The HCG results may be a bit lower when you take more than 800 Calories but surely you wouldn’t loose a lot when in terms of problems.

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Other Ailments Also Cause Problems

Dieting excessively is often dangerous for some people. There are withdrawals and some people suffer from Kidney ailments too. This is not due to the Official HCG drops or the HCG itself. This is a direct relationship between your diet and your health generally. Always keep a check on your physique on a diet. This means even if you are following any diet program. Good luck with the HCG diet program and we do recommend that you let us know if you find any Official HCG drops Side effects online.

The Solution

The Official HCG drops contain the safest HCG that does not cause any major side effects like the HCG shots do. It is taken in smaller quantity but 3 times a day which mainly helps with reducing the possibility of side effects.

It is also to be noted that not to stop the HCG drops or the HCG diet of you suffer any of these harmless side effects. Check it for a few days and see if it subsides over the time. One week is the maximum limit with these side effects. Anything longer than a week can be concern.

The Conclusion

The concluding note is that the side effects are not to make you run away from the Official HCG drops or any HCG drops for that matter. The side effects or the bad effects which are definitely temporary might be there or they may not be. The presence of absence of such side effects is entirely dependent on the individual and how his/her health condition is and how their body responds to the new diet regime.

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