4-Pack Orzo Shirataki Pasta

Orzo Pasta are also known as Miracle Noodles. This is because they are totally safe to eat during HCG Maintenance / HCG Phase 3. HCG Orzo Shirataki Pasta is fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, wheat- and gluten-free, and nearly has no carbohydrate. They are made from purified water and yam flour which can absorb the flavors of whatever sauce or broth they are cooked with. The 4-Pack Orzo Shirataki Pasta can conveniently bought for just $13.



Features – This HCG Maintenance product comes with 4 packs of Orzo Shirataki Pasta, with each package containing 3 servings and you getting a total of 12 servings of calorie free pasta for one low price.

Ingredients – The 4-Pack Orzo Shirataki Pasta contains Konjac Glucomannan Fiber, Calcium Hydroxide and Purified Water.

Nutrition Facts – The 4-Pack Orzo Shirataki Pasta Serving Size: 84 g and Servings Per Container: 3. Its nutritional information are Calories 0, Calories from Fat 0, Total Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Carbohydrate 3g, Soluble Fiber 3g, Insoluble Fiber 3g, Protein 0g, Sugar 0g.

Suggested use – The Orzo Shirataki Pasta must be rinsed thoroughly with cold water to remove its fishy smell. Then cook them with tomato sauce, bouillon, etc. and they will take on the flavor easily.

Customer Review – There are good customer reviews about 4-Pack Orzo Shirataki Pasta. One customer says it is good for maintenance phase. She craved eating pasta like crazy on the diet and in maintenance and finally, found this product. She adds the look and smell of the product is weird before cooking, but after they are cooked they make you think of eating rice if you had sauced them. Another customer also had similar experience with the smell of the product. He says the content smelled like fish and there were no instructions on how to prepare them. However, DIY HCG Response says the preparation instructions are mentioned on the back of the package in the left hand corner. Further he says the product is quite expensive for the content it comes in.

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