All Purpose Seasoning (HCG diet safe)

Its hard to find spices and seasonings that are allowed on the hcg diet. For instance, the product has to be organic or at least free from any chemicals. Furthermore, the very low calorie diet makes it challenging for the dieters to eat foods that can satisfy their taste buds. However, with the all purpose seasoning that’s all history



There are thousands of hcg diet menus available on blogs that will help you not only to curb the senses but also enjoy the hcg diet program without any difficulty. The All purpose seasoning has been approved by many hcg dieters. Here are few reasons why the all purpose seasoning is best for your hcg diet.

  • Free from gluten
  • Vegan product
  • Free from artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Made out of stevia (which is the best alternative to sugar)
  • Does not contain any oil or fat that will boost calories

That’s right. A zero calorie product, the all purpose seasoning comes with key ingredients such as paprika, sea salt, turmeric, onion salt, garlic powder, granulated stevia etc. The product is available in a neat bottle of 2oz. Be it grilled fish or chicken, simply sprinkle few on your recipe and make any sober food delicious. They also work good on steak or top of cucumbers that tastes yummy.

Since you are supposed to keep away from sugary products for the first 3 weeks of the hcg maintenance phase, all purpose seasoning works great on both hcg phase 2 and phase 3 that too in unlimited quantities.

In fact, many hcg dieters have loved the All purpose seasoning and claim that the product is a great addition to any food motivating many users to use it all around the year. The price of all purpose seasoning is fantastic as well. However, the only downside dieters say is that the holes of the shaker are quite big making the spice to come out too fast. This can make the “sprinkling” effect a bit too much when you are in diet limits.


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