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HCG diet is free of almost that has been so dear to you. It is difficult to get your favorite flavor into the meals. This Citrus ginger HCG salad dressing is HCG safe. It contains no harmful ingredient like preservatives, sugar, fat, oil, or anything that can jeopardize the HCG weight loss program.



This citrus ginger HCG salad dressing from Simple Girl can be used as salad dressing and also for marinating the meat. Use it for the chicken, beef, fish, or even the veggies for some grilling.

Ingredients Of This Salad Dressing

The Citrus ginger salad dressing contains filtered water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ginger, some amount of garlic, onion and other spices powder along with organic stevia for some sweetness and xanthan gum for the thickness.

Lemon juice, stevia and ginger are those few ingredients that can add flavor to the HCG diet as the other common ingredients are off the limits for the phase 2 and 3 of HCG diet. This safe to use salad dressing or marinate ingredient can be used in unlimited quantity as it has no calorie, no fat, no oil and no sugar to affect the weight loss program.

Using The Citrus Ginger Salad Dressing

Although it can be used in unlimited quantity, if there are 2 persons going through the HCG weight loss, keep one bottle for each of you. It keeps the stock ready and also will not have the situation where you suddenly run out of stock. You have the other bottle to rely on.

The recommended quantity per use is 2 table spoons. The bottle provided here is 16 oz that can give 16 servings with very low calorie of 3 per serving.

Importance Of Lemon And Ginger In Weight Loss

Both lemon and ginger are well known natural weight loss aids. They have its unique way of adding flavor to the meals and also help in the weight loss process. Ginger helps with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is also thermogenic that increases the core body temperature to improve the metabolic rate which helps in fat metabolism and thus weight loss.

Lemon is a natural flavoring agent and an accepted ingredient in HCG diet. Lemon contains many antioxidants, mainly vitamins C that removes toxins from the body and also helps in mobilizing the fat molecules to the site for energy production. It also helps prevent fluid retention.


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