Complete HCG Diet Book Set

HCG diet is very strict that has so many dos, don’ts, acceptable and unacceptable food list. It may not be easy to memorize each and every item of those foods. The Complete HCG diet book set contains 5 books that reveal and explain all that is there for you to know about HCG diet. The books are authored by experts who provide the right information for the best of you.



Complete HCG Diet Book Set Contains

  • HCG weight loss cure guide: It has the information of the HCG diet, on how to start, follow, food chart of foods and drinks that are accepted and what to avoid, the condiments that can enhance the flavor of the strict diet, the real protocol to follow with each phase of the HCG diet etc. The real protocol proposed by Dr. Simeons is also added in this book. There also the FAQ sections where almost all kinds of doubts and common queries regarding the HCG and HCG diet are answered. It is also called a HCG bible by many users.
  • 101 worry-free HCG diet recipes: HCG diet recipes are tricky. It must have the few ingredients and yet made to perfection for your taste. This book provides 101 recipes for the HCG diet so that you don’t have to repeat any of the recipes unless you are on a long term weight loss program. IT has entrees, condiments, sides, salads, soups, and even desserts for you to enjoy. All the recipes are made in compliance with the Dr. Simeons’ HCG protocol.
  • My HCG tracker is a diary like book where you can note down your daily progress. It can motivate you, by seeing the weight loss entries. There also is the space for the daily food that you have eaten throughout each day.
  • Pocket guide to HCG protocol: This is a small and summarized version of the HCG weight loss cure guide. This is compact enough to carry with you. In case you are travelling, this comes handy and helps you check the rules regarding the diet. This pocket book has the complete food chart of over 1000 foods and drinks that are allowed, cautioned or is to be avoided.
  • Over 201 worry-free HCG maintenance recipes: Simply losing the weight is not the end of the road. The weight needs to be maintained for a while. This maintenance recipe book provides all the acceptable food, yes there are these yes and no’s for the food items in this phase as well. There are 201 recipes to go with the phase 3 of the HCG diet. Here there also are the alternatives for certain food items and some tips on how to keep the low carb low sugar diet to stay healthy.




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