Economy HCG Diet Food Pack

The hcg diet can be challenging since it asks you to control your senses. However tables have turned and you can still maintain the hcg diet while satisfying your senses. The Economy HCG Diet Food Pack offers you groceries that have been allowed in the very low calorie diet (500 calorie restricted diet). This gives you the liberty to choose foods without having the fear of crossing the dietary conditions.



The Economy HCG Diet Food Pack Includes

  • Box of stevia
  • HCG diet salad dressing packets
  • Box of grissini breadsticks or a gluten free substitute
  • HCG safe tomato sauce
  • HCG approved sauce or base
  • Bottle of HCG safe seasoning

A full fledged list of the pack contents is provided in the official website. You will note that all these customized items are necessary for phase 2 of the hcg diet and are approved types of stevia. The spices, salad dressing, sauces and many more will simulate your appetite and make the hcg diet much more enjoyable. In fact, with such scrumptious delicacies you will hardly feel that you are on a diet.

Economy HCG Diet Food Pack Consumer Reviews

Hcg dieters have loved the product. They feel that the food pack is a good opportunity to experience new products while still saving on the budget. The flavors and the dressing ingredients are of good quality and satisfy the cravings of many users. Stevia is an excellent replacement for sugar giving the dieters to balance their blood sugar level in a much effective method.

Couple of users reported that the dressings though didn’t taste bad did not precede the expectations.

To sum it up, if you love to explore new foods but still want to lose weight the hcg way, then the Economy HCG Diet Food Pack is the best way to begin with. You can not only satisfy the cravings but can still lose weight optimal.


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