Gourmet Seasoning Pack With Sea Salt (HCG Diet Safe)

Spice up the hcg diet with HCG diet protocol restricted Gourmet Seasoning Pack with Sea Salt (HCG Diet Safe. That’s right. Do not fret about the inclusion of salt in the hcg diet. Though the hcg diet protocol by Dr. Simeons does not say anything about salt, it is always better to limit the dosage. This is because refined salt can promote water retention that will make it difficult to lose weight.



Sea Salt on the other hand have been deemed fit to use on the hcg diet. This is because unlike most table salts, sea salt is not kin dried, heated, bleached nor altered with any chemicals. In fact many health experts recommend sea salt instead of refined salt all around the year for health benefits.

Coming back, these Gourmet Seasoning Pack with Sea Salt is HCG diet safe and abides by the rules laid by Dr. Simeons book. Here are a few reasons why you should buy Gourmet Seasoning Pack with Sea Salt.

  • No preservatives or artificial flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners or sugar
  • Gluten free product and Vegan
  • Used organic stevia as natural sweetener
  • Has been HCG diet approved
  • Low in calories making it perfect to use during VLCD and throughout hcg diet
  • Free from cholesterol, protein, carbs and sugar
  • Free shipping anywhere in USA

Even the price of Gourmet Seasoning Pack with Sea Salt has been reduced by diyhcg.com so that each and every hcg customer can get full access to quality product at an economical rate. Gourmet Seasoning Pack with Sea Salt (HCG Diet Safe) includes

  • HCG Steak seasoning
  • HCG lemon herb seasoning
  • HCG sea salt
  • HCG sweet and hot Louisiana seasoning

Read more on the official website by clicking at http://www.diyhcg.com/gourmet-seasoning-pack-with-sea-salt-hcg-diet-safe/ (Gourmet HCG diet safe seasoning pack)

Gourmet hcg diet safe seasoning pack review

The product has been loved by hcg dieters who claim that they use the spices even if they are on the hcg diet or not. The hot and sweet Louisiana is fantastic when used on sliced cucumbers, cooked cabbage and fish making it a hit among consumers.


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