Green Coffee Bean Extract With GCA®

Green coffee beans are now a sensation among those want to burn their fat real fast. It was also mentioned in one of the Dr.Oz’s shows as the best weight losing remedy. The hush-hush behind this is due to presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans in its raw form. This compound actually helps to purify the body and burn fat in a quicker rate. Roasted coffee beans do not contain this compound and they are only found in green beans.



This coffee extract will help you to get rid of excess fats by prohibiting fat accumulation and controls blood sugar levels. It also makes the body to burn fat build up due to sugar and glucose. It is also proven that it helps to control blood pressure levels after 28 days of treatment. In addition to all these benefits it helps to lose weight in a steady rate without any side effects as it’s purely natural.

Perfect portions green coffee beans contain clinical strength and full potency. It is made of 800 mg GCA® per capsule and contains 50% chlorogenic acid. It is free from fillers, artificial ingredients and preservatives. It contains caffeine and in a study it was found that an average individual lost around 17.5 pounds over 12 weeks. Due to this weight loss effectiveness it can be used during HCG diet maintenance phase.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Bottle Size: 60 capsules per bottle which will last for one full month.

Caution: Do not exceed the recommended dose and stay away if you are under18, pregnant or nursing. This is not meant for children and do not use the product if it is damaged or tampered. The amount of caffeine present in this capsule is less than that present in half a cup of coffee.

Bottom line: “Weight loss” is a word that resonates everywhere and people are looking ways to stop fat accumulation. There are many products available but most of them don’t provide tangible results. Green coffee beans have clinically proven its capability of aiding in losing weight. This product is a great choice to add to your weight loss programs whether it is a HCG diet or any other program. It is always better to ask your health expert before consuming such products as it works as said.


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