HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning

The HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning is a gluten-free BBQ seasoning that is allowed for every HCG diet phases. It contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning comes with a delicious blend of spices, fresh-of-the-grill flavor in chicken, beef, grilled veggies and even fish. People who love BBQ would actually love this BBQ seasoning. It can be topped on chicken breast or sirloin. You can also grill to perfection. This tasty BBQ seasoning can be added to a HCG chili recipe or to a soup recipe for a mouth watering BBQ flavor.



As you know that store bough BBQ spice rubs cannot be added to the HCG diet. It contains suga, artificial sweeteners, starches, preservatives, chemical additives or other artificial ingredients. These artificial ingredients can hinder your weight loss goals. Be on the safe side by using this HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning. You can use this spicy BBQ seasoning, for exclusively on Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the HCG diet. This seasoning is also a good option for other fat-free, sugar-free programs.

HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning Ingredients

  • HCG diet safe BBQ spice ingredients include paprika and other spices, sea salt, dehydrated onion and garlic.
  • Paprika – The Paprika used in HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning, gives a spicy effect. It is used to add color and flavor.
  • Other inactive ingredients include natural and hickory smoke flavor, citric acid, stevia and not more than 1% tricalcium phosphate. This is added to prevent caking.

HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning Reviews – What The Customers Have To Say About HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning?

“Best BBQ Seasoning” by a user.

“I loved this HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning. Its one of the best BBQ seasoning to have during the HCG diet phase. I used it on beef, chicken and steamed mushrooms. It has a great flavor. As I loved the taste of HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning, I had bought 5 packs at a time.”

“Very tasty spice” by PJ

“I love this HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning. I use it on my beef. I use it on my chicken breast. At time, I even use it on my veggies. I love the taste, smell and color of the HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning.”

“OMG so delicious” says another user

“I loved the HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning. It reminds me of the seasoning you find on the chips.”

“Like barbeque chips” says Carrie.

“You will love this amazing spicy BBQ seasoning. It can be used in cooking chicken breast or fish. The little kick of the sweet-tangy that you get with barbecue chips, is got from this seasoning. I tried it on oven roasted veggie for a crunchie treat and it came out really well. Thanks to HCG Diet BBQ Seasoning.”


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