HCG Diet Cookbook Set

The HCG diet cookbook set comes with a list of awesome HCG diet recipes. No more you have to keep searching for an interesting recipe. At HCG diet cookbook set, you get some mouth watering recipes. Whether you are looking for Hcg recipes online or that you want some easy and unique recipes, HCG diet cookbook set will help you.



HCG Diet Cookbook Set Comes With The Following Books

  • 101 Worry-free HCG diet recipes book, written by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeir
  • Over 201 worry-free HCG maintenance recipes book by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeir.

Both of these cookbooks provide the best HCG diet recipes, for all phases. You get many ideas to prepare your HCG diet meals. As an added bonus, you get cooking tips and tricks. For those who want to try something spicy, you can go for phase 3 recipes like succulent steaks. There are yummy recipes for fruit smoothies and dessert. When you get all these recipes at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about finding recipes online. All recipes found in HCG diet cookbook set are approved by the HCG diet, by two of the industry leading HCG experts Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier.

The 101 worry free Hcg diet recipes book strictly complies to the requirements to Phase 2 of Dr. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau’s HCG diet plan. He cookbook also includes refreshing recipes like drinks, smoothies, fruits, desserts, seasonings, salad, vegetables, soups and dressings.

The Over 201 worry-free HCG maintenance recipes book has more than 201 low-sugar, low-carb recipes for HCG phase 3. Some of their recipes for drinks, breakfasts, lunch, dinner, breads, crusts, salads, soups and side dishes are popular. Trying these recipes can take to a healthier lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.


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