HCG Diet Gluten Free Orgran Crispibread – The Perfect Breadstick Substitute

This is one of the best breadstick substitutes that is totally gluten free and a healthy alternative to use on the HCG diets.



The Orgran toasted rice crispibread is allowed in the HCG diet plans as a substitute for carbs in the HCG protocol. Actually one slice is the allowed quantity on the HCG diet protocol but each serving size contains 2 slices. In fact you can use both the slices one each time twice a day instead of Melba toast or dipping sticks. These crispibreads are made of rice flour without any added gluten and are complete vegan products.

They are made with rice flour and are truly the best tasting gluten free and vegan friendly alternative to use while on the HCG diet. Each box comes with 18 slices of rice crispibread and will last for 9 days of your HCG diet program. It also a good option to buy these while on any weight loss programs as a snack choice.

Since it is gluten free it is safe for people with allergies and about the taste factor it is matchless. It tastes light and crunchy which is more than enough to satisfy your craving needs during the HCG diet program. This product is free from soy, gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg and yeast. Due to these qualities this product is the perfect people for vegan loving people and is kosher certified. It contains zero grams of fat which makes it excellent pick for weight losers. If you want to eat something different other than grissini sticks and Melba toasts then try this Crispibread.

Each bag contains 18peice and weighs around 125 grams. These are the ingredients that are used to make HCG Diet Gluten Free Breadstick: 98% Rice Flour, Iodized Salt, and Emulsifier: Vegetable Derived Monoglycerides.
Nutritional value: each serving size contains 2 slices and a full pack contains 9 servings.

Total calories 55, fat content 0gm, cholesterol 0g, sodium 60mg, carbs 12g, dietary fiber 0g, sugar 0g and protein 1gm.

You can make light sandwiches using these bread slices or try new desserts using these low calorie crispibreads. For HCG dieters you can stock a few packs in advance as HCG diets may range around 21 to 40 days and that means you will need more of these crispibreads.

Bottom line: Stop searching for HCG diet carb foods and just buy a few packs of crispibreads and enjoy the convenience of eating healthy slices along with a healthy weight loss.


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