HCG Diet Kitchen Scale

HCG diets are not an easy nut to crack and there are a lot of instructions that has to be adhered strictly. It is important to weigh and measure your foods before consuming while on the HCG diets and for that you need an accurate kitchen scale.



I prefer the digital scale over the manual ones as they are more accurate and dependable. HCG kitchen diet scale is the best product that you can rely on to measure every bit of food during your very low calorie diets or phase2. This kitchen scale proves to be useful especially while measuring meat portions. It actually saves your time as it measures in 0.1 gram increments when compared to other scales that measure in 2 gram increments. Having this scale is like your half job is done and it gives you an accurate measure of each bit of the meat portions.

It comes from the brand called as” Weigh’n” and has a weight approximately of 5 kg. It measures in 1 gram increments and weighs in “ounces, pounds and ounces or even grams. It operates on two AAA batteries which come along with the device and it has a one year manufacturer warranty. For easy access it has front mount buttons. Most of the reviews about this device is incredible as majority of the users recommend this to every single person going for HCG diets. HCG diets are all about precision and this weighing scale can be your best companion throughout.

How to use: choose meat portions especially lean ones and cut down all the visible fats. Now weigh the meat portions in their raw form so that you can get exactly 3.5 ounces or 100 grams. Your weighed meat is ready to be cooked.

Bottom line: Weighing meat portions and other edibles in the exact quantities is very important when following a HCG diet. So make sure to have a dependable kitchen scale just like the one above and it comes in an affordable price range.


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