HCG Diet Maintenance Mocha Wafers

The HCG diet maintenance phase moch wafers are made for those who love to take that crunchy sweet snacks during their HCG maintenance phase. These sweet yummy HCG phase 3 safe cookie bars are high in protein. They are perfect snacks that can be taken with a warm cup of coffee or a glass of milk. A packet of Maintenance mocha wafer contains 5 wafers or cookies.



HCG Diet Maintenance Mocha Wafers Ingredients

  • Protein blend: These include a proprietary blend of milk protein isolate, hydrolyzed gelatin, whey protein isolate, pea protein isolate)
  • White flour: White flour is good for people who are looking to lose weight. You get the natural nutrients that make a huge difference in your weight loss results.
  • Fractionated palm and palm kernel oil: HCG diet Maintenance mocha wafers is made of palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oil helps in weight loss and increases the body’s metabolism.
  • Unsweetened chocolate: Unsweetened chocolate is good for your health. Unsweetened chocolate has number of health benefits. It is guilt-free treat with overall health benefits.
  • Other ingredients include sugar, milk ingredients, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavors, soy flour, water, sunflower oil, salt, sodium bicarbonate, sucralose and corn flour.

HCG Diet Maintenance Mocha Wafer Reviews

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HCG Diet Maintenance Mocha Wafer Warnings

There are chances that HCG diet Maintenance mocha wafer can melt in the summer months. Although the company takes every precaution to ensure that the HCG diet Maintenance mocha wafer are not melted, it can at times go the other way. If your delivery comes with melted wafers or cookies, just unpack the box without touching or smashing individual bars. Place the items in a refrigerator for an hour. You don’t have to worry about its nutrition.

HCG Diet Maintenance Mocha Wafer Reviews

The customer reviews on HCG diet Maintenance mocha wafer say that these cookies are really good and tastes better.

“Tastes really good” says a user.

“I just feel like eating the whole cookies in one sitting. They are really satisfying too. Here’s my 5-star for HCG diet Maintenance mocha wafer.”

“This is good and it really works” says Judy.

“This tasty wafer cookies has won my heart. I like its crunchy texture and taste. These wafers can curb my appetite. I can find my weight going down. It works for me.”

“Very good” says a user of Maintenance mocha wafer. He said that these mocha wafers are good for HCG diet. They are very satisfying and tasty.


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