This pre-made HCG Maintenance Food Sampler Pack is a great option for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. This sampler pack includes HCG Phase 3 items such as meal replacement protein bars, protein shakes, high protein snacks and desert like low sugar treats. Protein bars and protein shakes are an excellent source of protein that can help you in reaching the weight loss goals.



HCG Maintenance Food Sampler Pack includes

  • 1 Easy Protein Bar (Caramel Delight)
  • 1 Easy Protein Bar (Caramel Nut or Coco Mint)
  • 1 Easy Protein Bar (Chocolate Peanut or Chocolate Crisp)
  • 1 Easy Protein Bar (Strawberry Shortcake)
  • 1 Easy Protein Bar (Supreme Peanut or Salted Toffee Pretzel)
  • 1 Ratio Protein Bar (Zesty Lemon Crisp)
  • 1 Ratio Protein Bar (Fluffy Vanilla Crisp)
  • 1 Easy Protein Zippers (Sour Cream & Fine Herb or Chipotle BBQ)
  • 1 Easy Protein Wafer (Vanilla or Mocha)
  • 1 Easy Protein Wafer (Chocolate or Mocha)
  • 1 Easy Protein Chocolate Soy Snacks
  • 1 Easy Protein Peanut & Caramel Soy Snacks
  • 1 Proti Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • 1 Proti Oatmeal (Maple & Brown Sugar)
  • 1 Easy Protein Smoothie Base Mix
  • 1 Easy Protein Smoothie Flavor Pack (Chocolate Indulgence or Vanilla Bean )
  • 1 Setpro Smoothie (either Lemon-Raspberry, Cafe Latte, or Strawberry-Banana)
  • 1 Proti Pancake Mix (Natural)
  • 1 Shirataki “Noodles” Pasta
  • 1 Shirataki Orzo “Rice” Pasta

HCG Maintenance Food Sampler Pack Reviews

The product has received 4.5 – 5 stars out of 5 stars.

“This is an amazing way to choose what we like and don’t like before purchasing the whole package. I like vanilla wafer cookies the most.”

“It’s great!!! there are various kinds of snacks and protein bars. Amongst this, protein bars and potato zippers is my favorite.”

“Lovely soy snacks, wafer cookies, protein bars. I am eager to try the yummy chocolate cakes and pancakes.”