HCG Meat – Sirloin (5 Servings)

The HCG Meat – lean sirloin steaks are very tender & juicy. They are selected cut meat from the top of the sirloin, making them perfect for HCG Phase 2. These Sirloin meats are aged perfectly to provide tenderness & flavor to make the best on HCG diet meals. Currently, avail them at discount for just $25.



Features – The HCG Meat – Sirloin steaks are HCG approved for eating during HCG Phase 2. This product provides you total of 5 servings. Enjoy them with piece of mind as each sirloin serving is pre-measured to a 3.5 oz serving of the highest quality meat available. These HCG Sirloin Servings are flash frozen to guarantee freshness, and separately cryo-packed for ease of used with the HCG Diet Protocol.

Ingredients – The HCG Meat – Sirloin (5 Servings) contains Ball Tip Sirloin Steak. This HCG Meat is packaged into individual single 100 gram or 3.5 oz packages and sold in packs of 5 HCG Diet Meats.

Nutritional Information – The Serving Size: Approx. 3.5 oz (100g) and Servings Per Package 5. Its nutritional data are – Calories 129, Total Fat 4g, Protein 21g.

Suggested use – If you plan to eat the HCG Sirloin Meat in meal, before some time just remove it from freezer and place the package in water for 5-10 minutes. Then simply grill one serving for a super quick tasty HCG meal. This product when eaten after marinating it in Sweet Mustard HCG Dressing, it will taste best. This will make the sirloin steaks extra delicious, making you will feel like you are cheating on HCG Phase 2.

Customer Reviews – It is one of the best portion meals for people on HCG diet Phase 2. One customer says the perfect portion size is great as there is no need to weigh or measure them before eating. But just found bit tough, as how long to cook them was not mentioned in the product directions. However, you can grill them for as long as you find them tasty and juicy to eat – 4-6 minutes would be fine.

To order this tasty meal for HCG diet, just click on the below link right away – http://www.diyhcg.com/hcg-meat-sirloin-5-servings/.

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