HCG diets are indeed a great way to lose the extra pounds that you have gained knowingly or unknowingly. Anyways if you have decided to go ahead to HCG diet then you must know that there are diet restrictions that come along with this weight loss program.



But don’t worry there are certain HCG diet allowed foods that help you to satisfy your cravings without going off the calories. Here is all new HCG tender tips spiked up with full of beefy juice and trust me they are mouthwatering. These beef bites are taken from the tips of tenderloins which make them extra soft and tender that you can easily cut along with your fork. To keep their freshness and quality intact the meat pieces are flash frozen and individually cryo-packed for easy usage. They come in 1 inch size chunks which is easy to handle and to cook your favorite meal

You can grill them with your favorite spices or cook up the most famous Chinese broccoli beef dish

Here is the recipe below: add some chicken stock and sauté the beef until they turn golden brown, later add onion powder, garlic and spices of your choice. Cook well until the broccoli is done and serve warm for a delicious HCG diet meal. These juicy beefs bits can be used in all the HCG phases and comes in pre-made sizes allowed by HCG diets.

Each packet contains 5 servings of tender beef measured according to the HCG diet servings. These juice bites are just perfect enough to make kababs, protein rich soups or dry fry with veggies.

When you want to cook them just defrost by removing from the freezer and keep them in water for around 10 minutes. Your meat is ready to be cooked, broiled and grilled to make your choice of dish.

Ingredients used: Aged beef tenderloin; nutritional value: each serving size contains 153 calories, total fat 7gm and protein 22grams.

Bottom line: You can’t resist these juicy bits and you will happily go ahead with HCG diets without any fuzz.