HCG Meat Veal 5 Servings

For all the meat lovers out there, here’s Hcg meat veal cutlet, specifically made for HCG diet. The HCG meat veal from DIY HCG is HCG approved. Its a whole muscle meat product derived from the top round of the animal. It is then cubed for tenderizing and makes it ideal for a HCG diet meal plan. Veal meat usually has a creamy pink color and firm texture. This HCG approved veal meat is taken from calves that eat a special-fed veal industry’s premium product.



The HCG meat veal cutlets are flash frozen are fresh meat that are individually cryo-packed for convenience. Each serving of the HCG veal is pre-measured at 100 grams.

HCG Meat Veal 5 Servings Directions To Use

Please keep the meat veal cutlet in the freezer until ready to eat. If you want to defrost, simply remove the veal from the freezer and keep it in a bowl of water. Once ready, take, broil or grill the veal without the use of any fat. You get an amazing Hcg diet meal.

To enjoy the real taste, pair the HCG meat veal with Perfect Portions brand HCG safe tomato Italiano sauce. Use it to make a veal parmesan dish. Simply place the defrosted veal on a baking sheet. Top with 8 oz of the Italiano sauce. Bake at 350 degrees until cooked through. Then top with a fragmented grissini stick as breadcrumbs. Veal can become tough if cooked too long. Make sure to avoid overcooking because of the veal’s small size. Simply cook the veal meat for 1.5 to 2.5 minutes per side in a hot pan or grill.

HCG meat veal cutlet ingredients: top round clubed steak


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