HCG Protein Servings – Ground Round (6 Servings)

Tired of searching for lean and defatted meats then here is all new ready to cook meat portions especially custom-made to spice up your taste buds.



Every 100 gram of servings is a grand deal to devote on as it stays true to the taste without compromising on the HCG diet restrictions. Longing to eat something spicy and scrumptious? Then try this pre-shaped HCG permitted lean ground meat burger patties. They are extra lean cuts of beef portions which makes a “just what the HCG DIET ordered” meal choice.

The round burger patties look huge because of their moisture content so before you cook make sure to squeeze out the water by patting them. These round shaped burger patties are HCG diet allowed and you can try combining them with HCG allowed sauces and spices. Trust me they are so flavorsome that you will yearn for more. All the meat used to make this round patties are of high quality and no preservatives are added. This is one of the best and convenient ways to carry forward HCG diets even while going through busy schedules. HCG diet foods are no longer bland in taste as there are healthy options to choose from without getting over the board.

About the ingredients it contains pure lean beef ground round. Each meat is packed into 100 grams packages and it comes as HCG diet meats 6 packs. The lean meats are cut and shaped round into pre-made patties making it super convenient to cook. It comes in a frozen state so thaw well by keeping it in the refrigerator after taking out from the freezer before cooking. Every 100 gm of meat contains 176 calories, fat 10 grams and protein 20 grams. If you want to add some spice and taste to your hcg diets then this meat ground round is a must try.

Bottom line: Hit the store and grab your packs right now and enjoy a healthy weight loss program.


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