HCG Stevia 4 Bottle Set

The HCG Stevia 4 bottle set is a great option for Hcg diet sweeteners. Stevia is one of the only sweeteners allowed on VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) of HCG diet. However, its one of the best things to use on a HCG diet. Besides using the wrong sweeteners on an HCG diet, is one reason why people fail to lose weight with Hcg diet. You can add HCG Stevia sweeteners on your HCG diet and avoid the unwanted sweeteners. This little flavored stevia sweet drops can bring great flavor to your plain coffee, tea and water on the HCG diet.



  • The Sweetlead HCG Stevia from Wisdom Natural Brands offer quality HCG Stevia.
  • The HCG Stevia sweet drops are good in taste and comes with high quality Stevia
  • There are no added chemicals. The ingredients are extracted using only heat and purified water.
  • You can use this all natural Hcg Stevia to replace artificial sweeteners and sugar in food and beverages, in any quantity.
  • The company offers HCG safe stevia liquid drops as well as HCG Stevia powder. The liquid comes in many flavors that are great for flavoring coffee, water and tea on the Hcg diet.
  • But users of HCG stevia said that they still use these sweeteners even after stopping the HCG diet. The HCG stevia sweet drops has been a part of their daily diet.
  • The HCG Stevia sweet drop bottles are natural and come with zero calories.
  • They are great for baking and cooking. These sweet drops are safe for diabetics.

HCG Stevia sweet drops 4 bottle set

Wonderful water HCG stevia set – for adding sweet drops on water

  • Lemon drop HCG stevia
  • Chocolate Raspberry HCG stevia
  • Valencia Orange HCG stevia
  • Berry HCG Stevia

Creamy Coffee HCG Stevia set – for flavoring coffee on HCG

  • Vanilla creme hcg stevia
  • Double chocolate HCG stevia
  • English toffee HCG stevia
  • Hazelnut HCG stevia

Top 4 sweet bottles of HCG Stevia

  • Vanilla Creme HCG Stevia
  • Double Chocolate HCG stevia
  • Berry HCG stevia
  • Lemon drops HCG stevia


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