HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide

It does not happen every day that you manage to lose body weight one pound or closer per day. In those days, it is the HCG diet that is considered the toughest part of the weight loss program; it is in real the task of maintaining the weight loss which is the toughest. Weight maintenance is also as important as losing weight. The weight gain can happen anytime you slip away from the tight program. This HCG weight loss cure guide is the perfect companion to anyone who is going through the HCG diet and weight loss.



This book explains all that is to be done during the weight loss program and thereafter. It helps you get through the different phases of HCG diet and helps in the long term by putting off the weight that you have managed to shed.

  • The HCG weight loss cure guide contains the complete breakdown of all the food items that can be used for the HCG diet and explains each and every item that is to be avoided at any cost.
  • There are tasty HCG tips to keep the limited food interesting and get creative, HCG time savers on different ways to manage the time and also the HCG Weight loss maximizers– on what all can you do to increase the weight loss at its maximum.
  • There are sample HCG menus to try, tracking graphs where you can record your daily progress and later come back for checking to improve your performance in this program.
  • This book explains all the phases of HCG diet and also what you are supposed to do later in the life. The complete diet requirement for both the phase 2 and phase 3.
  • The HCG weight loss cure guide also includes over 1000 foods, drinks and other condiments that can be used during this weight loss program. The caution notes and what are to be avoided are also included.
  • This book also makes you aware that there is also an unmentioned phase 4 for the HCG diet which is the longest of all- the entire life thereafter.
  • The HCG weight loss cure guide is available in English and also in a Spanish version.


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