Even the experts can falter at times. The hcg diet is improvising everyday with many latest additions and discoveries coming up almost everyday. If you are trying on the hcg diet, I am sure you will be loaded with many questions. HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide – English Edition is the right product for you. Written by Linda Prinster, HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide is available at English language so that hcg dieters universally can benefit from this guide.



In this guide, you will find

  • Tasty HCG tips
  • HCG time savers
  • HCG weight loss maximizers
  • HCG sample menus
  • Tracking graphs

An appendix that covers more than 1000 foods, drinks and condiments that can be/cannot be used on the hcg diet

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide – English Edition customer reviews

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide – English Edition has received 4.4 out of 5 star ratings from amazon users. People report that they love the product and is practically the best reference book that they have ever used. For many hcg dieters HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide is the ultimate bible as it assists them whenever any doubts pop in the head.

When followed as per the book, hcg dieters noticed improved weight loss especially when they followed the rituals in the VLCD (very low calorie diet) and the maintenance phase. The best part is the book can help not only during the hcg diet but post the diet program as well giving you the health guide in maintaining a healthy weight.

Denise P – “Very informative guide along with a great summary of Dr. Simeons protocol. It is an excellent guide if you want to do the hcg diet plan. If you honestly want to lose one pound a day follow the Dr. Simeons protocol.”