HCG Weight Maintenance Oatmeal (Maple & Brown Sugar)

HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal from DIY HCG offers high protein warm breakfast, with which you can start your HCG diet day. Its a protein-based oatmeal that comforts your mind and body while on HCG diet phase 3. The HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal is the perfect low-carb breakfast that is packed in protein and low in sugar. This meal is specifically made for Phase 3 HCG dieters.



This low-sugar, protein rich oatmeal is safe to have for the first three weeks of HCG maintenance phase. HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal is allowed for one serving per day. Stick on to this serving and note of there is any change in your weight.

Although oatmeal is considered as a carb item, this protein-based oatmeal is rich in soy protein. It is important to know that having a protein-rich food during the HCG maintenance phase can actually bring down your weight. Also, this HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal can give a satiety feel. It makes you feel satisfied for a long time. The HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal keeps your weight loss stable. A unit of HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal contains 7 packets.

HCG Weight Maintenance Oatmeal Benefits

  • It keeps you satisfied for a longer time. With HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal breakfast, you don’t have to reach out for an unhealthy food in the morning.
  • HCG Weight Maintenance oatmeal helps you eat carbs for breakfast. Eating a carb-rich breakfast can burn more fat more efficiently in the morning, than at night.

HCG Weight Maintenance Oatmeal Ingredients

Isolated soy protein, rolled oats, milk protein isolate, xanthan gum, artificial flavor, whey protein isolate, sodium bicarbonate, salt, caramel color, sucralose,

Other inactive ingredients include soybeans and milk

HCG Weight Maintenance Oatmeal Reviews

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But in general, oatmeal is considered to be a good breakfast for dieters.


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