My HCG Diary

My HCG Diary is a HCG tool that tracks each phase of your HCG diet. It will make your life much easier by tracking your daily intake of food, water, weight loss and inches lost. In My HCG Diary, you can check your daily weight, your daily HCG, your water intake and choosing menu items for each diet phase. This tracking diary can actually pinpoint reasons of weight loss, whether you are on the right track or not.



If somewhere at your HCG diet, you feel like you have gained weight, you can look back the dairy and see where you went wrong. This way, you can improve your weight loss and lose as much as weight as possible.

My HCG Diary comes in the size of a checkbook, with only 7 inches and 3.5 inches wide. Therefore, you can carry along wherever you go, in your pocket or purse for easy access. Also, this tracking journal has free shipping within U.S.

My HCG Diary Includes

  • A summary of a typical round on the HCG diet
  • Customized diary pages for all phases of the HCG diet
  • A measurement log for keeping track of inches lost, while on the Hcg diet.
  • Instructions for completing HCG phase 3 to help you maintain your Hcg weight loss.

My HCG Diary Customer Reviews

“Great way to keep track” says Janice Baker

“I loved this little diary, it has been a part of my HCG habit. I can track of what I eat, how much I weight and whether I am losing or gaining my weight.”

“Great purse journal for HCG diet” says a user.

“My HCG Diary makes y tracking simpler. Although there are many weight loss supplements available online, not everyone come with a tracking diary. Good documentation of everything I do on it.”



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