My HCG Tracker

Tiffany Prinster’s My HCG Tracker
is a weight loss tracking workbook that helps you track your HCG progress. Its a tracking journal wherein you can record foods, water intake and note down your daily intake of foods and beverages. Being on a HCG diet is not an easy job. It requires dedication and commitment throughout the HCG journey. Keeping yourself motivated is the only way, you can jump this hurdle. My HCG Tracker is a workbook that comes with motivational quotes, to inspire you each day.



My HCG Tracker allows you to see HCG trends that may cause your weight to go down, maintain or gain. It can increase your overall weight loss goals by identifying the right foods, great for weight loss. Following are the benefits of My HCG Tracker.

  • My HCG Tracker helps the dieter to track the foods they ate, at each meal.
  • With My HCG diet tracker, the user can see trends in his weight. Whether there is a weight loss, weight gain or a steady weight, this workbook will help you.
  • My HCG Tracker Tiffany Prinster increases the participant’s overall weight loss by identifying the foods that are good for losing weight. It also identifies the food that needs to be avoided while being on a HCG diet.
  • My HCG Tracker book helps to change the dieter’s mind to positivity with “HCG quote of the day’.
  • My HCG diet tracker spreadsheet tracks your daily success through a full round of HCG, including HCG phase 2 and phase 3.


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