Orzo Shirataki pasta is a perfect meal plan for dieters going through Phase 3. Orzo Pasta is completely safe and delicious. The meal is HCG approved. The HCG Shirataki pasta noodles are fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free and gluten-free and nearly carbohydrate-free. Orzo Pasta are made from purified water and yam flour to absorb the flavors of sauce (any sauce), with which they are cooked with. These HCG Shirataki noodles are approved to have under Hcg phase 3. Not to be taken at Phase 2.



By ordering multiple packs of HCG Shirataki noodles, you can enjoy three HCG phase 3 foods all throughout the diet phase. Although there are many brands of Shirataki noodles, buy Orzo Shirataki pasta from DIY HCG. These are miracle noodles that contain zero calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol and zero carbs. Orzo pasta are sugar-free, protein-free noodles.

Orzo Shirataki Pasta Ingredients

  • Konjac Glucomannan fiber: Glucomannan is a natural water-soluble fiber. It is extracted from the elephant yam, also known as the Konjac. It is found in number of natural weight loss supplements. The 2015 study reported drastic weight loss when the participants took Konjac Glucomannan root.
  • Calcium hydroxide: Calcium hydroxide is known as an effective ingredient in losing weight. It is used in the processing of some soft drinks and alcohol beverages.

Other inactive ingredient includes purified water.

Orzo Shirataki Pasta Reviews

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Orzo Shirataki Pasta For Warnings

Shirataki and orzo noodles when shipped during the cold weather might freeze during shipment. The shipping department takes every precaution to make sure that the pasta has not gone bad. If your order has frozen during shipping, it’s not a part of the food safety issue.