Pocket Guide To The Hcg Protocol

A book from Linda Prinster, Pocket guide to the hcg protocol is one of her best sellers that is based as per Dr. Simeons. Based on many requests from hcg dieters who wanted a quick reference guide that they can carry on their purse for convenience. This is a must have when they are on their phase 3 i.e. maintenance phase of the hcg diet program.



Since customers wanted easy foods, drinks and condiments and which one to avoid and which is safe to consume. You will find 1000 such products in the book. This makes it easy for them to shop when they are at the store. A compact book, it is a great addition for an easy look anywhere during the hcg diet. The complete “HCG weight loss cure guide”, browse around throughout the day that consists summarized version of the protocol. Note that all the info are derived from the HCG weight loss cure guide as a carry along version.

Pocket Guide To The Hcg Protocol Consumer Reviews

The Pocket guide to the hcg protocol has received 4.2 out of 5 star ratings from amazon users which is pretty good. A major consensus of users claim that the book is fabulous as a handy guide in cross checking the buy/not to buy while standing in the grocery store.

It also comes with quick calorie counting charts that will give you an idea of the intake of calories in your food.

On the downside users say that the book does not include any recipes or instructions regarding hcg diet. The kindle version is quite bad because the book contains so many tables that does not display well at the kindle edition. People probably need a magnifying glass – quotes a user.

To sum it up and be frank, there are users who have loved the product. Of course, there are critics as well who feel the product does not match the expectations. For those who want to count their calories regarding foods that mostly shop or eat, this is the quick guide to refer that might help in the hcg dietary phase.


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