Worried about calories but want to eat something tasty? How about slightly spiced up grilled chicken breast? For those who want eat healthy yet not able to do the same due to busy schedules here is all new pre-cut meat. Now no more hurdles such as shopping, handling raw meat and all those cleaning, de-fatting and the cooking process.



Everything is done for you for your convenience and delivered to you in the form of healthy chicken servings ready to invade your dishes. These boneless & skinless pre-portioned servings of chicken breast are cooked and tailored to meet the diet servings of the typical HCG diets.

It is prepared in a simple way … the breast portion is defatted and measured it in a 3.5 ounce serving for vacuum packing along with spices. Later these packs are cooked together and flash frozen to maintain its freshness and taste intact. The cooked chicken remains moist and flavorful as it is cooked in its own juices rather than plain water. Just buy this precooked diet servings of meat and stack it in your refrigerator to use whenever needed. All you need to do is thaw and use it as you like. Mix it along with some hot sauces and shred the pieces to decorate the salads. Or if you want to have it grilled then add some spices and hit the oven. You can try a variety of dishes which are allowed on the HCG diet with these pre-portioned chicken servings. Let the tasty dishes start smelling inside your kitchen even while on an HCG diet.

Just four ingredients and nothing artificial: Ingredients: chicken, oregano, salt, pepper.

Each meat pack includes 6 HCG size servings of chicken breast meat. You will get two servings per pouch for easy use and storage.

How to use: To thaw the meat take it out from the freezer and keep it in the refrigerator few hours before cooking it.

Nutritional information: servings size 3.5 oz or 100 gms (when you cook them there might be slight difference in their weight).

Calories: 110, total fat: 1g, protein: 23g.

This pre-portioned meat is not only a great pick for HCG dieters but also for those who are looking to lose weight in a healthy way due to its very low fat content and loads of protein.

Bottom line: Cooking your favorite dish using this precooked meat whether on a HCG diet or not has never been easier like this. This is the simplest and ready to cook meat for a healthy dieting program without any preservatives.