Premium HCG Diet Food Pack

Keeping the taste buds satisfied can be harder with the HCG diet for weight loss. This Premium HCG diet food pack is just right for the HCG diet. The ingredients are all useful for providing different flavors, accepted ones at that, to the very low calorie diet. These comply with the low calorie diet and do not add the calories and has low glycemic index also.



Premium HCG Diet Pack Contains

The Premium HCG diet pack has sweeteners, salad dressings, and breadsticks. All of these ingred8nets in the diet pack has options for you to choose the product that suits you best.

  • 1 box of HCG safe stevia packets. This portion of the food packet does not have any options but comes as a default for all.
  • 2 bottles of HCG diet salad dressing. These 2 bottles could be chosen from the choices of citrus ginger, sweet vinaigrette, sweet mustard and organic balsamic vinaigrette.
  • 2 bottles of HCG diet Grissini breadsticks. Here also you have the options to have any one from the choices of Natural Grissini, Garlic Grissini, Multigrain grissini, or the gluten free breadstick substitute.
  • 4 bottles of HCG flavored stevia. The choices you get are for the flavors, apricot, berry, chocolate raspberry, cola stevia, double chocolate, English toffee, grape, hazelnut, lemon drop, peppermint, peppermint mocha, pumpkin spice, root beer, stevia clear, Valencia orange, vanilla crème and watermelon.
  • 2 bottles of HCG seasoning for which you have the options of safe seasoning, lemon herb seasoning, Sweet n’ hot seasoning, southwest seasoning, Chef’s hot pepper blend, BBQ seasoning, sea salt which is diet safe.

None of these products have any kind of allergens or diet troubling ingredients in it. The ingredients are mostly in dried form. It is rather a mix of the acceptable seasoning ingredients from the HCG diet list. They make a great combination of feast for the taste buds. You no longer have to have the bland food in the name of diet for weight loss. This Premium HCG diet food pack is a must try for all undergoing the HCG weight loss program.




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