This protein smoothie base mix will help you maintain weight on the HCG diet. The Protein smoothie base mix is a natural meal replacement designed to support Very Low Calorie Diet protocols. The nutrition facts specified in this Protein smoothie base mix are HCG recommended in the Weight Loss Cure guide by HCG expert, Linda Prinster.



Protein Smoothie Base Mix Directions To Use

As you can take Protein smoothie base mix as an Hcg diet protein replacement, simply add water and drink plain. Use as a protein and fruit replacement. Add water and ice in a blender with a handful of strawberries or an orange for a great tasting and filling HCG meal alternative.

For HCG Phase 2 use this base mix alone. If you are in HCG phase 3, check for the 5 different flavors of Protein smoothie base mix. Protein smoothie base mix offers a vegetarian option. It comes in a convenient single-serving packet. The Protein smoothie base mix comes with all natural ingredients. It consists of custom whey/casein protein blend. Protein smoothie base mix contains 20 grams protein per serving. This low fat and fiber rich Protein smoothie base mix will definitely make your HCG day more energetic and refreshing.

Protein Smoothie Base Mix Ingredients

  • Protein blend – made with whey protein isolate and calcium caseinate.
  • Vitamin and mineral mix
  • Dextrin: dextrin fiber has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and support cardiovascular health. Dextrin is also used as a dietary fibre. Dextrin in Protein smoothie base mix gives you a feeling of fullness. This is very helpful for people who are wishing to lose weight.
  • High oleic sunflower oil: Protein smoothie base mix is made of high oleic sunflower oil. It has a clean taste and low level of trans fat.
  • Other ingredients include fructooligosaccharide, glucomannan, xanthum gum, soy lecithin, yogurt powder, flaxseed, soybean oil, tocopherols and stevia extract.
  • Protein smoothie base mix contains milk and soy. It is manufactured in a facility where milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts and tree nuts are processed.

Protein Smoothie Base Mix Reviews – What Does The Protein Smoothie Base Mix Reviews Say?

The user reviews of Protein smoothie base mix show a positive feedback. They said it was a great smoothie to have during Hcg phase 2.

“Great smoothie” says WG.

“I really don’t like some of the vegetables and proteins recommended on Phase 2 diet plan. So I ordered Protein smoothie base mix. It provides some variety and unique taste. I mixed it in the blender with some strawberries and vanilla cream Stevia. Then I added some ice cubes. It really came up well. I loved the flavor and teh feeling of satisfaction it gave. I had to be reminded to take snacks.”

“Not on HCG and it’s good” says a user.

“I haven’t been on the HCG diet for a while. I still use this protein shake because it tastes really good. The mix-in packets are okay. But I would rather prefer fresh fruit to get more nutrients and fiber.”