Seafood Lovers HCG Diet Food Pack

There are seafood lovers and we know it. It is tragic if you are not able to eat their loved foods while on hcg diet. Keeping this in mind, brings you Seafood Lovers HCG Diet Food Pack that comes with enough meat that will last for 9 days of your hcg diet.



Seafood Lovers HCG Diet Food Pack comes with pre-packed, measured, cooked and de-fatted servings that have the taste and protein (in sync with the 500 calorie limit) but only without the fat. The Seafood Lovers HCG Diet Food Pack includes

  • 11 servings of HCG approved Cod (precooked)
  • 7 servings of HCG approved shrimp (precooked)
  • 2 bags of HCG Tomato Italiano sauce (4 servings)
  • 2 bags of HCG Chilli sauce (4 servings)

The recipe book provided by the diyhcg gives you the edge of choosing from a variety of delicacies and seasoning techniques that would take away the mental note that you are on an hcg diet. This will make the VLCD phase quite interesting that will make you forget all about bland boring food diets.

Note that the Seafood Lovers HCG Diet Food Pack falls under the HCG protocol provided by Dr. Simeons book. In fact, once you order the product you can download the ebook of Dr. Simeons ‘Pounds and Inches’. If you are skeptical about hcg products, check out the testimonials that have been provided by many hcg dieters who have successfully completed their hcg phases and lost weight. There is a separate FAQ section where you can check out the common queries put forth by hcg users. You will also have unlimited expert support in case you are having any queries or doubts at any time of the hcg diet. What more do you need? Start losing that chubby fat with hcg!!!


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