Simple Girl Chef’s Hot Pepper Blend Seasoning (HCG Diet Safe)

The Simple Girl Chef’s hot pepper blend of seasoning is bursting with flavors and a real treat for those who like to have hot spicy food. This is HCG safe ingredient that can enhance the flavor of the dish it is added to. It is a combination of herbs and spices that can be added to fish, meat, beef or veggies as you please.



Ingredients of Chef’s Hot Pepper Blend Seasoning

The major ingredients here are the hot pepper flakes and coarse salt. It gives the real kick of flavor and heat to the food. It is real hot as it is and adding it too much can make the dish too spicy so be careful while adding it. There are no restrictions on how much amount you can sue it for, but the spiciness can be a real problem here.

This Simple Girl Chef’s hot pepper blend seasoning is suitable to be used in all phases of HCG diet. This is not meant for those who cannot handle spices. It contains all the acceptable ingredients by HCG diet. It contains no amount of artificial flavoring agents, sugar or fats in it. It also has no calorie content in it.

Hot Pepper & Weight Loss

  • Hot pepper contains the capsaicin that is thermogenic in nature. Thermogenic food increases the metabolic rate of the body and increase the fat burning. It has no calorie amount of its own and can burn those extra calories in the body.
  • It can suppress the appetite and make you feel fuller faster. There is also an increase in the energy level of the body to keep you from being lethargic which is a main concern for many who uses this HCG diet that allows very less calories per day.
  • It can stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Hot pepper is also rich in vitamins especially vitamin A and C that can improve the immunity in fighting diseases and also prevent ageing.




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