The normal table salt is not the purest form of salt and it contains many additives in the form of additives like iodine and it also undergoes processing. The white color we get from the salt is the result of processing with chemicals. They are not really useful when it comes to the HCG diet. The proper form of salt is the natural sea salt that is made by evaporation of the sea water. It is the most acceptable form in HCG diet.



Simple Girl Sea Salt

The Simple Girl sea salt contains only the sea salt in it. It has no fat, no cholesterol, and no amount of additives. The only thing it is rich in is the sodium which is very high at 468 mg per serving. This sea salt can be used for all phases of HCG diet. Use it for the soups, grilled or roated veggies as a topping.

Because of this high sodium content, the sea salt must be used in moderation as a sprinkle over the food when it is ready to eat. The high amount of sodium can slow down the weight loss process or completely stall it. It also leads to water retention in the body causing weight gain rather than losing any weight.

So in case there is a slowdown in weight loss and that you are using more amount of sea salt, you may have to reduce the amount and see if there are improvements.

Sea Salt As A Weight Loss Aid

One of the major uses of sea salt is helping with weight loss. It balances the blood sugar level and controls the sugar spikes and cravings. It reduces the body’s dependency on insulin medication and highly useful for diabetic patients as well.

It can promote quality sleep which is another requirement for proper weight loss. It keeps the body hydrated and prevents drooling in sleep.

Another major use of sea salt is that it reduces the acidity inside the body. Acidic body promotes fat deposition and be neutralizing this acidity fat metabolism is encouraged. It helps remove the acids from the cells and eliminate trough the urine.

Other health benefits of sea salt are that it is good for the skin as it is a natural exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells, prevents acne by reducing the inflammation. The natural fluoride content promotes dental health by preventing cavities, ulcers etc.

Moreover, sea salt is the source of over 80 essential trace elements that enhance the overall health. The major ingredients in sea salt are sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, bromide, iron, copper, and zinc etc.