Starter Pack – BEST VALUE – 40 Day Weight Management Package – Energy (Alcohol Base)

Weight management and weight loss might be two of the toughest tasks in the world. The HCG has been promoted as the most natural way of weight loss when coupled with HCG diet. Following this diet is also not easy as there are too many restrictions to keep up with.



The most important factor in the HCG diet is that you are not supposed to use any kind of artificial seasonings for the diet. The natural seasonings might also be limited with this. This Starter Pack for the 40 day weight management package contains the needed HCG drops for weight loss with some extra energy added in it and there also are a few ingredients for seasoning as well.

Package includes

  • 1 bottle of DIY energy plus drops with alcohol base. The bottle capacity is 2 oz that can last for 40 days
  • 1 box of Traditional Brissini breadsticks that has very low calorie
  • Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigeratte dressing and marinade that has only 3 calories and zero glycemic index. This 16 oz bottle has the contents premixed and all ready to use.
  • Simple Girl Sugar free Carolina BBQ sauce: Not all sauces can be used for the HCG diet and this BBQ sauce is one of those rare sauces that gets the green signal. It adds spiciness, smoke and a touch of sweet flavor to the meals without adding any sweetener. The bottle added here is 12 oz capacity,
  • Simple Girls sweet and hot Louisiana seasoning contains the acceptable spices and seasoning agents in its dried form. It has sea salt, paprika, dehydrated garlic, stevia leaf extract and other spices.
  • DIY loser’s manual that explains all what is to do in those 40 days of weight management period. It also has some sample low calorie diet menus, body measurement chart, weekly food chart etc.
  • Access to diet experts by phone or email
  • Access to full pounds and inches manuscript
  • Access to sample maintenance menus
  • Free bonus with 5 sample size of these products included.

About The DIY 40 Energy Plus drops

The 40 day DIY energy plus HCG weight loss drops has alcohol base and has additional Vitamin B12 added in it. There also is some cell salt strength added to it. The cell salts are important for normal and healthy metabolism. These cell salts contain the important nutrients for the cells to use for the metabolism and fat loss in the process. This need not be refrigerated but caution is called for people who are not supposed to take any amount of alcohol.


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