Sweet Drops Water Enhancer – Peach Mango 2.1 oz

Bored drinking plain water? Or is it that you want to sip sugary drinks like the way you used to do before? But unfortunately sugary drinks are loaded with calories and carbs that aren’t a great choice when it comes to health. Wondering how to get over this problem? Well here is the all new sweet drop water enhancer from the Sweetleaf brand.



This sweet drop water enhancer has a peach mango flavor and is completely plant based. It tastes so great and contains high quality stevia extracts and not blends that are adulterated. If you are thinking about the caloric value then stay calm as it contains zero calories and a zero glycemic index. It is a natural product which contains plant based extracts and is totally free from chemicals & artificial sweeteners. The water used is heated and purified. To maintain its freshness no preservatives are added. Another interesting feature is that it is safe for people suffering from diabetes and the best pick for weight watchers. As a zero carb product this water enhancer can be added to your dieting programs for quick results without giving on the taste factor. It is a kosher certified product and is free from saccharin, aspartame and other refined sugars.

Just three natural Ingredients: Pure Water, organic stevia leaf extract, natural peach mango flavor blend and citric acid.

This sweet drop water enhancer from SweetLeaf is one of the products that are highly liked by its customers as it imparts a unique flavor. When compared to other water enhancers this product offers all the safety and quality. It is free from chemicals and sugars that might prove harmful to the body. Now start drinking loads of water and stay hydrated with peach mango flavor water enhancer.

If you want to use it while on HCG DIETS make sure to use it only on the maintenance phase as it contains plant and fruit based extracts. This is not allowed during the phase 2 of Hcg diet and all those low calories phases.
Bottom line: The best way to stay hydrated by drinking richly flavored water. Try this new water enhancer and you will crave for more.


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