Sweet Drops Water Enhancer Strawberry Kiwi Flavor

Sugar free water drops in strawberry kiwi flavor are natural sugary drinks that can be used as sweeteners in water. It’s an all-natural HCG stevia sweet drop that can be taken in daily glasses of water. It helps to increase hydration and provides a sweet good tasting flavour, without any chemicals and sugar. The sweet drops water enhancer strawberry kiwi flavour contains zero carbs and zero calories. Sugar up your drink with Sweetleaf Sweet strawberry kiwi water drops. Its a natural stevia water enhancer.



Sweet Drops Water Enhancer Strawberry Kiwi Directions To Use: Simply stir the Sweetleaf strawberry kiwi water drops on water and enjoy drinking.

Sweet Drops Water Enhancer Strawberry Kiwi Features

  • The Sweet drops strawberry kiwi water enhancer is best in taste. The product comes with high quality Stevia that is organic and all-natural.
  • There are no added chemicals, all ingredients are extracted naturally using heat and purified water.
  • The Sweetdrops Strawberry kiwi water enhancer is a safe solution for diabetic patients. The ingredients of Sweet drops water enhancer strawberry kiwi flavor are water, natural strawberry kiwi, organic Stevie leaf extract and citric acid.
  • Since Strawberry kiwi water enhancer comes from a fruit that is not allowed in the HCG diet, this HCG Stevie is recommended for the maintenance phase of the HCG diet.

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