Sweet & Hot Louisiana Seasoning (HCG Diet Safe)

Sweet and Hot Louisiana seasoning is another HCG diet safe seasoning agent that can be used to any food. It contains no calories, fat, or additives that are harmful for the diet or weight loss. It is safe to use by all as it has both the sweetness and spiciness added in it. It is not too spicy or too sweet but a perfect balance of each flavor. It enhance the taste of the dish it is added. It makes an ideal companion with any food, whether it is a protein, vegetable, or a soup.



Ingredients Of Sweet & Hot Lousiana Seasoning

The major ingredients are the paprika, hot red pepper and organic stevia. There also are sea salt for taste, dehydrated garlic and some other spices and herbs like basil, thyme etc. There is also a dash of black pepper in it.

This sweet and hot flavor can be used for grilling or smoking to enhance the taste. The only thing to be careful is that it contains sea salt which is real salty. So when you use this sweet and hot seasoning, reduce the amount of your regular salt to half its amount.

Benefits Of Sweet And Hot Lousiana Seasoning In HCG Diet

Apart from the flavor enhancing it has direct influence on the weight loss process. The stevia added in it does not cause any sugar hike in the blood and is quite safe. The paprika, black pepper and red pepper increases the body metabolism simply be being thermogenic. Sea salt provides some extra nutrients and also helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

The pepper and paprika can help curb the appetite to let you eat less as it requires with the HCG diet. Add this to the regular meals in phase 2 and phase 3 of HCG diet.




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