SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/ Clear Sweet Drops

You may be aware that only two varieties of sweeteners are allowed while on the HCG diet – saccharin and stevia. Saccharin is entirely artificial and is linked to number of adverse health issues. Thus the only recommended option is to use all-natural stevia while on the HCG diet.



SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/ Clear Sweet Drops are one of the best brands of stevia. This liquid form can easily be mixed into any of your favorite beverage or food.

Features – The Natural Brand of Sweetleaf Stevia contains the following features

  • Best tasting and best quality stevia
  • Includes no chemicals and extracted using only heat and purified water
  • All natural product
  • Zero calories, Zero glycemic index and Zero carbohydrates
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Great for baking and cooking; unlike other chemical sweeteners
  • Kosher certified
  • Contains no saccharin; aspartame; refined sugar; maltodextrin; fructose; or any kind of artificial sweeteners
  • Buy it for just $14
  • Offered in several flavors

Pick your favorite SweetLeaf Stevia Sweet Drops Flavor – Stevia Clear, Apricot Nectar, Berry Stevia, Chocolate Raspberry, Cola Stevia, Double Chocolate, English Toffee, Grape Stevia, Hazelnut, Lemon Drop, Peppermint, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Root Beer, Valencia Orange, Vanilla Crème and Watermelon.

Nutritional Information – Each 2 oz. bottle of stevia provides 288 servings. Usually, many dieters continue to use stevia even after the HCG diet is over because it has zero-calorie plus is a healthy alternative and helps maintain weight loss.

Suggested Use – SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/ Clear Sweet Drops can be used in any quantity on all phases of the HCG diet (including phase 2 and phase 3). SweetLeaf liquid stevia is available in many great flavors, making it perfect to add some flair to coffee/ tea or for transforming plain water into soda-like drinks.

If you drink coffee it is recommended to use vanilla creme stevia, chocolate stevia, English toffee stevia, and/or hazelnut stevia. If you like drinking soda-like drinks, use lemon drop stevia, valencia orange stevia, cola stevia, and/or root beer stevia. If you want something general then select from top-selling stevia flavors such as clear (non-flavored) stevia, chocolate stevia, lemon drop stevia, and berry stevia. These SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/ Clear Sweet Drops are known to be a life-saver when people having a sweet tooth attack while on the HCG diet and may help avoid cheating.

Customer Reviews – Many people says SweetLeaf Stevia helps make the best drink. Most of the customers buy clear as well as any one flavored stevia and are pleased with them. They offer you something sweet as well as a great flavor. One customer using vanilla flavor says it’s like heaven in my coffee and makes a perfect breakfast on HCG diet. Highly recommended.

To buy this wonderful sweetener SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/ Clear Sweet Drops, just click on the link below – http://www.diyhcg.com/sweetleaf-stevia-flavored-clear-sweet-drops/.