Tiffalina’s HCG Diet Safe Lotion (12 oz)

While most of the diet restriction for weight loss stress on the no fat diet, the HCG diet is about no fat on the person. No amount of fat is to be allowed into the body. Diet is not the only way the body gets fat. Our skin is also a fat absorbent that gets fat from the oils, lotions, cream, and most of the cosmetics in today’s market. Obviously all of these cosmetics and skin care products are off limits. This is why the Tiffalina’s HCG diet safe lotion is so important. It contains no fat or anything that is restricted by the HCG diet.



The no fat, no oil body lotion is safe to use by all. The skin needs its share of nourishment, no matter what diet you follow. Lack of fat can cause the skin go dry and this HCG diet safe body lotion keeps your skin moist and supple.

Importance Of Tiffalina’s Hcg Diet Safe Lotion

Tiffalina’s HCG diet safe lotion is light weighted and does not cause any stickiness on the skin. It has no oils, no fragrance, or dyes in it. It is safe to use all along the Phase 2 of HCG diet protocol proposed by Dr. Simeons.
The HCG is a hormone that can move the stored fat into the site of energy production having any kind of fat inside the body can affect this process. This body lotion is completely safe in this regard. It is a rather large bottle of 12 oz capacity.

Using This Hcg Diet Safe Lotion

For using, take a little amount of the lotion into the palm and rub it nicely and apply it all over the body. It keeps the skin hydrated and avoids scaly and rough skin during the phase2 of HCG diet. It is completely safe for all skin types, even the sensitive ones also.


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